Avi Nardia KAPAP

Avi Nardia


Avi Nardia is a former intelligence team member of unit YAMAM, Israel's premier counterterror takeover unit, equivalent to the U.S. Delta Fore and F.B.I's H.R.T. (Hostage Rescue Team). As a member of the intelligence team and as the instructor CQB-Defenseive Tactics (known in Hebrew as KAPAP-Krav Panim El Panim, which means face-to-face combat, Avi was exposed to many different tactics, training and dangerous situations.

In his 24 years of experience, he had served in the Israeli army (IDF) in the Lebanese War (1982), earned the rank of Major, and trained armed forces all over the world, including SWAT, SRT, SERT teams from patrol poice to special forces, corrections officers, Army, Marines, and counterterror units.

In Israel, Avi taught defensive tactics and operational behavior at the Operational Police Academy, which is responsible for training the entire police force of the country. To this day, Avi is a CQB trainer in the Israeli Defense force (IDF) Reserves, as well as a Reserve Police Sniper and teaches his high impact hand-to-hand and weapons combat training to elite military, law enforcement, and counterterrorist agencies around the world.

Learn first hand the same exact close quarter battle tactics received by the Israeli Defense Forces and counterterrorism agencies around the world from the man who helped develop them!