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Ian Kenney


Ian Kenney is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and has served in the Army National Guard for six years, all of that time spent in a recon platoon, used to going well beyond normal battlefield boundaries where covert movement and marksmanship skills are what will keep you alive.

During his time in the military, his passion developed for precision rifle-shooting, and he's been shooting competitively for about a decade now.

In addition to shooting and competing, he’s helped teach tactical and precision rifle courses, focusing on body position, optics, sling use, and improvised shooting techniques.

While bolt action precision rifles have always been Ian’s primary focus, he also enjoys competing in designated marksman and USCA 2-gun matches to push his personal speed limit with the AR-15.

Today he writes for the GunsAmerica blog, doing rifle and optic reviews in addition to posting shooting tips.