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Scott Reitz


Scott Reitz is a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police department where he served as both a street cop in the gang-infested sections of Wilshire and Van Nuys and as a member of SWAT.

Having arrested over a thousand suspects and executing high-risk warrants, Scott has faced every threat imaginable from gang shootouts to barricaded suspects and hostage situations.

He’s been on the frontline during riots, fires, earthquakes and floods and has worked serial killer details such as The Night Stalker and Hillside Strangler.

Reitz was involved in 5 officer involved shootings while on the LAPD – all of which were ruled justifiable - but it was his duty one fateful night in 1992 that will serve as one of his biggest lessons as he was a first-responder during the famous L.A. Riots following the Rodney King beating verdict.

It was his extensive experience with real “bullets in the air” violence that led Scott to dedicate himself to helping others learn from his life-threatening experiences and what it really takes to survive a gunfight.

As co-founder of International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc. , Reitz has trained and worked with U.S. Army Delta, Naval Special Warfare’s Team 6 and Air Task Force assets that support special operations… and of course, the responsibly-armed Average Joe & Jane who desire something beyond just the typical “paper target” marksmanship practice.

In addition, Reitz has been a regular columnist for SWAT magazine for several years and his best-selling first book, “The Art of Modern Gunfighting”, was released in 2010.