Street Fight Knockout Self Defense Training

Street Fight Knockout Self Defense: How To Fight Back If You DON’T Get The First Punch!

I know I always say this is one of the most critical street fight knockout moves…


Once all of your attempts to prevent a fight have failed, being the first one to get in a punch, kick, gouge, or other technique could mean the difference between winning or losing (or even life or death).

But what if you DON’T get the first strike?

As you can see from this video, a hard hit to the head can completely disorient you – at least momentarily – and make it harder to fight back.

But not impossible…

Here’s A Street Fight Knockout Self-Defense Training Drill To “Fight Back” If You’re Hit Really Hard…

Street Fight Knockout Self Defense

If your attacker gets in a “lucky blow” (or even if it’s a no-warning “knockout game attack”), you can expect to temporarily feel dizziness, nausea, and potential fainting.

Any of these factors will put you and your loved ones at risk as your aggressor takes advantage of your weakened state by following up with an even more vicious attack.

Your goal in this dangerous scenario is to program your mind to respond OFFENSIVELY, rather than just giving up and taking your beating.

Sure, that’s a lot to ask of your brain after just getting clocked with a haymaker, but it’s a necessity if you ever hope to regain the advantage in the fight and turn the tables on your attacker!

Fortunately, here’s a simple, yet powerful, training tip to help you both familiarize yourself with this disoriented condition…and learn how to fight your way out of it!

Give this one a try!

Street Fight Knockout Training Drill:
Sucker Punch Counterattack!

  • Supplies:  A baseball bat and something to hit HARD. (Preferably it’s a padded training partner, but even a B.O.B. training dummy, heavy boxing bag, or even a few pillows duct taped around a cellar post will work very well.)

  • Stand about 6 feet in front of your trainer/equipment with the bottom of the baseball bat on the floor and the handle facing straight up in a vertical position.
  • Next, bend over while holding onto the baseball bat handle and place your forehead onto the top of the baseball bat.

  • In this position, without moving the bat, spin your body around the bat 10 times as fast as you can while keeping your forehead on the top of the handle.

  • Once you’ve circled the bat 10 times, you’ll be dizzy and completely disoriented…the perfect time to launch your attack as aggressively as possible on your padded training partner or equipment.

    (Note: if you ARE using a training partner, while you’re attacking back, have them continue to strike you with padded fists to help simulate a real fight scenario as much as possible.)

  • Don’t worry too much about technique at this point.  Your goal is to do “something”…ANYTHING to avoid giving your attacker an easy target to pound away on.  Just unleash!
  • As you’re training, become aware of how long it takes you to regain enough mental clarity, to be more precise with your targeting, and to choose more effective striking options that can utilize more power.

Now here’s the thing…

In a disoriented state, any “fancy” self-defense moves are going to be super hard to pull off.

That’s why the #1 move in our free street-fighting DVD requires no thinking… no strength… no real “training”… and yet will take a 300lb thug right off his feet (I’ve done it!)

Your counterattack MUST be that simple and powerful!

If it’s not, you’re only setting yourself up for a beat-down you may not recover from because your strikes won’t have any effect.

Give this simple training drill a try and use the techniques in our free streetfighting DVD to give you the “weapons” to fight back and survive!

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