3 Riot Defense FAILS That Put People In Prison - Don't Do These

3 Riot Defense FAILS That Put People In Prison

Remember last year, when we were waiting for the “murder hornets” to descend on us, the “meth gators” to crawl out of the sewers, and… I don’t know… space aliens to start vaporizing our national landmarks?

Well, back in the real world, we were dealing with the real threat of mob violence.

The news was FULL of reports of people being forced to face down mobs… and a lot of those people, who were completely right to defend themselves, ended up headed TO PRISON.

That’s because there’s a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to face a mob.

Do it right, and you might get out alive.

Do it wrong, and you’ll end up choking on COVID-19 germs in a cell full of some of the most… “interesting”… people you’ll ever meet.

THAT is why you need to avoid…

Riot Defense FAILS That Put People In PRISON

1. Facing Down A Mob With A Bow And Arrow

This first one is kind of a “gimme.”

Most people know that a bow is the WRONG weapon to face down a mob.

In Salt Lake City, a man upset that rioters were striking his car climbed out and drew down on them with his compound bow.

The problem is, a bow is waaaay too slow and ineffective… so the crowd SWARMED him and beat him down.

(Then they set his car on fire.)

But because he pointed a weapon at people who weren’t directly threatening his life (I know, I know, it’s nuts, but that’s how the law works)…

…He’s now been charged with 3 felonies.

The lesson?

He used the WRONG weapon at the WRONG time, and now he’s probably going behind bars for it.

2. Bringing An Illegal Gun To A Protest

In Albuquerque, NM, a “militia member” brought a gun with him to a protest.

His goal was to protect the statue that was being torn down.

Protesters attacked him with a skateboard, and then he found himself facing a guy wielding at least one knife (and maybe two).

He tried to retreat, then shot one of the protesters.

The thing is, the shooting was found to be justified…

…but because this guy walked into a trouble area with a gun and wasn’t properly licensed to carry concealed, he’s going up on weapons charges.

The lesson?

Avoid trouble if you think your life might be in danger… and if you do carry a weapon, it had better be legal if you don’t want to get put away.

3. Making Bad Decisions Behind The Wheel

This one has been brought up on social media a bunch of times.

Protesters often block traffic because they know it gets attention.

Every once in a while, a driver will floor it and slam into someone, hurting or killing them, to escape.

The problem is, the law doesn’t look kindly on this.

If you need to drive out of a mob, you have to go slow and give them time to move out of the way.

Yes, they’ll pound on your car, but if you gun it and roll over someone, you could be charged for deliberately running them down.

And if you show a gun or shoot into the crowd, very often that will be seen as “too much” force for the situation.

(And that’s if they don’t drag you out of the car and beat you to death.)

The lesson?

If you can, turn around and avoid mobs of protesters at all costs.

If you can’t, and they’re not attacking you, get “zen” and wait it out.

If they do start striking your vehicle, go slow and avoid running anybody over.

You can’t afford to make mistakes, because these days, we’re all on a knife’s edge of going to jail for defending ourselves.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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