Urban Survival - 5 Weird Tips To Keep Your Machete Or Knife Razor Sharp

5 Urban Survival “Knife/Machete Sharpening” Hacks. . .

Let me ask you a weird question…

Have you ever tried shaving with a razor that’s like waaaaaaaay past the point you SHOULD have replaced it with a fresh one?

Now if you’re one of those tactical dudes who’s been sporting a “military contractor beard” since you were 11, then probably not.

But for the REST of us, it brings back painful memories of that common, “ACK!” response and spending the next 37 minutes staring into the bathroom mirror armed with a giant roll of toilet paper, desperately trying to stop that tiny nick’s never-ending “blood-fest” in time to get to work.

Bottom line… a blade (ANY blade) is only as effective as it is SHARP, right?

And when it comes to survival tools and weapons (like your knife and machete), keeping it’s edge “mission-ready” can be a real challenge if you’re in an extreme survival scenario where your blade is getting a lot of use, but resources are scarce and there’s no handy-dandy professional sharpening service down the block.

Right? So…

Here Are 5 Knife- And Machete-Sharpening Hacks For Extreme Survival Scenarios…

Machete And Knife Sharpening Tips For Field Use
Machete And Survival Knife Sharpening Hacks

#1 – Use A Car Window

The untreated edge of a car window can do a great job of sharpening the blade of your machete.

The top of the car window isn’t coated.

All you need to do is place the blade against the window edge while tilting it to match the window edge angle.

Then make at least three passes along the length of the blade.

(Flip it over and do the other side as well.)

Even if you don’t have a car, in an urban survival situation, finding a vehicle to sharpen your machete shouldn’t be a problem.

#2 – Use The Bottom Of A Ceramic Coffee Mug

There are knife sharpeners made of ceramic.

Simply turn the ceramic coffee mug over on a firm, flat surface.

Draw the blade across the unfinished edge of the bottom of the mug and sharpen like in the instructions above.

#3 – Use A Smooth Stone

Yep, gonna go all Conan the Barbarian on this one.

(This one is better if you’re near a water source such as a river since it works best with a really smooth stone.)

A smooth stone can work just like a sharpening stone.

#4 – Use An Emery Board

Sure, it’s not something most guys carry around.

But if you plan ahead, it’s light and hardly takes up any space.

Simply place the emery board on a flat, surface and use the technique mentioned above.

It probably works better on a knife, but for a machete it can work in a pinch.

Desperate times, right?

#5 – Use A Knife

Being the prepared survivalist that you are, you’ll have another knife handy.

Simply draw the machete blade across the back spine of the knife.

Repeat this on both sides of the machete blade.

But let’s face it… you won’t always have these sharpening options handy.

I mean, who carries a coffee mug into an urban survival situation anyway, right? (Other than someone with a serious caffeine addiction, that is. 🙂

The Ultimate Way To Keep All Your
Survival Blades Super Sharp…

When it all comes down to it, the words of my old Drill Sergeant rings true…

… you can’t polish a turd!

In other words, the main factor in having a sharp blade is to make sure you buy a machete designed for holding an edge.

That’s why – when I designed our Guardian “urban survival machete”, I tested out all the popular types of steel to use for the blade.

I hate to brag, but it really is the toughest machete on the planet and all you have to do is watch our “machete torture test” video here, to see for yourself…

When I think about the actual experience I had in desert, jungle, arctic, and urban environments —  including in COMBAT — a knife wouldn’t even come CLOSE to doing what I needed it to do.

I think you’ll agree, but you should check it out for yourself.

What Is The Most EXTREME Thing You’ve Asked Of Your Survival Blade?

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