Combat Machete? Sword Fighting? The "Big Blade" Fail Most People Miss!

Combat Machete? Sword Fighting? The “Big Blade” Fail People Don’t Think About!

Almost everybody loves “fail” videos.

It’s a fact of human nature.

We like to watch people try – and hilariously fall on their faces.

I don’t think that’s “mean-spirited”…

Especially if we learn from other people’s mistakes!

I have to warn you, though:

If your favorite “combat blade” is a lime-green zombie-killing fantasy cutter, this post might make you mad.

That’s because this old “viral” video I’m about to share with you PERFECTLY illustrates…

The “Big Blade” Fail A Lot Of “Fantasy Preppers” Don’t Think About!

Combat Machete: How To Fight With Swords And Big Blades – The Fail Most People Miss!

Now, if you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “Jeff, I saw that video back when people still had America Online,” what can I say?

I’m a few years behind! 🙂

If you haven’t seen it, though, or you don’t want to watch it, it’s pretty funny.

One of the guys from the Shop at Home “knife collector’s show” is selling a dirt-cheap, bargain-basement “katana.”

(Let me tell you, calling this thing a “sword” is an insult to swords; It’s more like a sword-shaped object.)

Well, the guy is trying to show how strong the blade is, so he starts whacking it against the table…

…and the thing practically EXPLODES!

Check out the video below now…



What was really funny was watching these guys try to make excuses for why this cheap piece of junk broke in half live on television.

(One of them even tried to blame a nail embedded in the table… but if your blade snaps in half when it hits a tiny nail, how could you ever rely on it for survival or self-defense?)

When I first saw this, it really hammered home why I took the time to use tough, thick 1095 carbon steel in the Guardian machete that I designed (and which is one of Modern Combat & Survival’s best selling products).

That machete is TOUGH – tough enough to do just about any job you ask of it.

You could trust your life to that blade, which was designed to be strong, to take and hold an edge, and to be a badass weapon and tool you could use for self-defense as well as survival tasks.

Would you trust your life to a $20 “katana” made in Pakistan?

Well, honestly, you probably wouldn’t… but it might SHOCK you to find out that many of the commercial, name-brand machetes on the market aren’t much better!

That’s right: I said it.

In fact, one of my employees lent a machete made by one of the big-name companies (I won’t name it here, but you’ve heard of it) to his brother-in-law.

The brother-in-law used it to clear some brush, but nothing extreme.

When he brought the blade back, it was bent into a U-shape.

That’s right: this name-brand machete, which he bought in a big-box hardware store, couldn’t even do the job it was designed to do without getting bent all to hell!

That’s why it’s so important that your “big blade” be something custom-designed to protect you and your family in ANY crisis (like my Guardian).

If you trust your life and your family’s protection to a blade that won’t hold up under SERIOUS use, you’re asking for a “fail” far worse than this guy who humiliated himself on television years back.

And if you just buy a name-brand machete that you THINK is “good enough,” you might be setting yourself up to fail just as hard.

That’s what the “fantasy preppers” with their Zombie Death Head-Splitter blades are doing… and that’s NOT who you want to be!

Pretty soon, I’m going to be unveiling the NEW version of my Guardian Machete.

The old one was great… but the new one is even better!

Keep an eye on our site for updates about this great product (and it’s “little brother,” a smaller, more compact urban survival machete that was the subject of a “virtual kickstarter” we did recently).

I mean, sure, you could spend your money on an inferior machete – or even a name-brand blade that looks good but performs just as poorly.

But… why?

The choice is yours – but I really hope you’ll choose wisely.

What Big Blade Do You Rely On?

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