[Vehicle Defense] American Streets Are Now A WARZONE

[Vehicle Defense] American Streets Are Now A WARZONE

A few days ago, a man named Garrett Foster was killed on the streets of Austin, Texas.

This was especially disturbing to me, because I only just moved from Texas to Florida!

I used to go down there ALL THE TIME, and trust me, most of the time that area – just a few blocks from the State Capitol – is ANYTHING but a warzone.

When Foster brought an AK-47 to a protest, he may have pointed it at the driver of a car that protesters had surrounded.

The driver says that’s why he fired several times, hitting Foster and killing him.

I hate that we’re at this point in America, but it’s time to take stock of what YOU have in your vehicle to protect yourself from this type of potential attack.

That’s because, no matter what side of ANY of these political issues you’re on, it could happen to YOU, and you might not get ANY warning!

When American Streets Become A WARZONE

One of the things I’ve noticed in ALL the news articles about drivers being surrounded is that it’s the drivers who immediately become suspects!

Whether they’re trying to “gun it” and push through protesters (which gets them charged with a crime for targeting protesters with their vehicles)…

…Or they’re shooting at perceived threats, like the person who shot Garrett Foster (who might or might not have been justified in doing so)…

…they always seem to come out on the losing end of our legal system.

Now, I’m not saying not to have a gun.

You NEED a firearm to properly defend yourself.

But in situations like this, which are becoming increasingly common, you ALSO need a less-lethal option that can get protesters off you (and out of your windows, if they’re reaching in to attack you).

In other words, you need an option that stops short of pumping them full of lead IF you can avoid it, because that is going to make your life a LOT easier later.

I mean, if you could reduce a guy to a quivering lump of flesh (even just for a second) with a push of a button, without killing him, wouldn’t you?

Well, these days, you just never know when a previously “safe” neighborhood could erupt into violence, with your car surrounded by a violent mob!

I’ve actually written before about how great a stun gun is for vehicle defense.

Now, I’m NOT saying a stun gun is going to create an impenetrable force field around your vehicle, especially if bullets are flying, but…

…A 4.5 million volt hand-held “taser” will make even the biggest, baddest thug poop his pants and hit the ground twitching.

I keep a little bad boy called the Shockwave (or “Execution Torch”) right on the side of my driver’s seat, where I can reach it in a second.

The reason it’s so great for vehicle defense is that you don’t have a lot of room to move inside your car.

A guy reaches in your open window and tries to grab you?

He’s about to hear the zzzt-zzzt-zzzt of a few million volts!

While supplies last, one of the websites I work with is offering a great deal on their Shockwave Torch.

With this weapon, you get a force-multiplying tactical light that is easy to use in close quarters and that puts out a LOT of muscle-spasm-inducing electric POWER with every push of a button.

The only problem is, more and more places are passing laws about these… so if you want one one of these deals, you’ve got to get it while the site still has them in stock.

They’re looking to clear out their inventory to stay ahead of new bans, so the time to click here and take advantage of this deal is now.

Things are more dangerous than EVER right now… and you NEED a weapon like this to protect yourself and your family until society gets closer to something like “normal.”

Get one while they’re still available.

What Do You Carry For Vehicle Protection?

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