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The Inspiring Story Of A 10 Y.O. Lost Boy And His Dad’s Genius “Bag Of Survival Tricks”

Malachi looked up and realized he didn’t know the way back to his family’s camp, and the temperature was dropping! Fortunately, dad taught him these powerful wilderness survival tricks…


These 3 “Gun Law” Cases Expose The Sneaky Traps Prosecutors Use To Put Armed Americans In JAIL!

Think you’d never fall for these 3 sneaky “legal traps” that put gun-owners in jail? You might be more at risk than you think…


3 Handgun “Stopping Power” Myths Even The Experts Fall For (And The No B.S. Truth About What It REALLY Takes To Stop An Attacker In His Tracks!)

Think you know the scientific way to train for a real gunfight? These 3 common myths even “experts” get wrong cold change the way you train!


Survival Weapons Showdown: Combat Machete Vs. Multiple Attackers!

Ok, this is going to sound VERY graphic, but it’s best that you face these facts now. As you already know, besides my


Multiple Attacker Street Fight Attack: 57 Y.O. NASCAR Driver vs. 3 “Parking Lot Thugs”

Mike Wallace was no match for the three men … While he as relatively fit as a professional NASCAR driver, the three drunken


Most People Don’t Know This 5 Step “Grid-Down” Food Response Plan (But YOU Will…)

Everyone’s talking about food shortages these days – but if you don’t follow these 5 steps when a crisis hits, you very well could starve within a week!


The TRUTH About “Red Dot” Sights (And How To Fix The #1 Mistake Nearly Every Red Dot Shooter Makes…)

Nothing has revolutionized “combat shooting” more than red-dot sights. But there’s a HUGE problem you need to fix in order to be accurate…


After 2 Failed Attempts To Fight Back, Unarmed Father Sends 3 Armed Home-Invaders Running For Their Lives With The Only Real Weapon He Could Find…

What’s the best home defense weapon to defeat violent home invaders? The one you can get to the fastest – and this one did the trick!


Photo Evidence The U.S. Government Can Track Your Every Move (And A “Secret Key” To Help Defeat Them)

This picture should scare the bejeesus out of you with how easy it is to track your every step, everywhere, every day…


Is The Gurkha’s Kukri The Best Survival Fighting Machete Ever? (Maybe NOT…)

The Gurkha’s Kukri machete is often considered the best machete for fighting. But the REAL winner for the best survival machete is revealed!

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