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WL 387 – Dry-Fire Secrets To Make Your Firearms Training More Fun And Effective

I don’t have to be psychic to know you aren’t dry-fire training as much as you should… and I’m about to DESTROY the top 5 myths that are stopping you from doing that training.


(Video) Cheap At-Home Gun Training Tip

This cheap gun training tip may give you a chuckle – it’s from 2014, but it still applies today. That’s our Wayback Machine edition of Warrior Life TV this week.


Taco Toolsday: 2-min review for BORING dry fire?

For Taco Toolsday this week, we review a product that makes “boring” dry fire fun and easy again! The video is just 2 minutes, so check it out now.


The “Alpha Secret” Used By Spec-Ops Soldiers To Master Any Gun Skill TWICE As Fast!

Could going to the gun range with your pistol actually be WORSE than if you didn’t go at all? Here’s how to DOUBLE your shooting speed and pull your shot-groups in TWICE as tight… all without leaving your house!


[Ammo Shortage] Cheap Gun Training Drill For “Mental Stress”

A real gunfight is nothing like plinking at paper targets at the range… but there’s a drill you can do with NO AMMO AT ALL that will better prepare you for the reality of a life-or-death shootout.


Tactical Firearms Training: Dry Fire Exercise Dummy Mods – Modern Combat and Survival

http://CloseCombatShooting.com – Tactical firearms training is only as good as how realistic you can make it. Shooting at paper targets is ok, but


Dry Fire Training Tips: 3 Ways To Make At-Home Gun Training More Fun And Effective!

Dry fire training can make your at-home gun training extremely productive. To keep your home firearms training fun and effective, however, consider these tips.


[MMA Dry Fire Handgun Drill For Concealed Carry] Shoot Your Way Out Of A Ground And Pound

MMA Dry Fire Drill For Concealed Carry: Shooting your way out of a ground and pound (groundfighting) scenario is one way to deal with a grappler “on the street.” Learn a great dry-fire or airsoft drill you can do for this.


These 3 “Confessions” Of Modern-Day Gunfighter, Jim Cirillo Can Save Your Life

Jim Cirillo was a “modern-day gunfighter” in his time with the NYPD. His “secrets” can help you to better train for real-life gunfights.


Here Are 10 Gun Training Skills You Should Master… But CAN’T Get At Your Local Gun Range!

It’s a double-edged sword… If you’re ever forced to defend yourself with your firearm, a jury is going to take a hard, long look


Dry Fire Handgun Drill: Shooting Moving Targets

Gun fights don’t happen at a stand-still. Your uninvited meth-addict house guest is going to be moving – trying to shoot YOU while

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