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The TRUTH About “Red Dot” Sights (And How To Fix The #1 Mistake Nearly Every Red Dot Shooter Makes…)

Nothing has revolutionized “combat shooting” more than red-dot sights. But there’s a HUGE problem you need to fix in order to be accurate…


Do This Weird 60-Second “Brain Drill” Before Shooting And See Instant Improvements At The Gun Range!

You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can have such crazy effects on your skill-development!


Secrets Of Long-Range Rifle Shooting For Beginners (Podcast 463)

Getting started in long-range precision rifle shooting is MUCH easier than you think! Here’s how to get started even if you’re a total beginner…


“What’s The Best Defensive Handgun For A New Shooter With Smaller Hands?”

Whether you’re a man or a women with “smaller hands” – or an older shooter with less hand strength – my advice on “the best handgun” may surprise you!


Taco Toolsday: 2-min review for BORING dry fire?

For Taco Toolsday this week, we review a product that makes “boring” dry fire fun and easy again! The video is just 2 minutes, so check it out now.


Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret?

I was looking at comments on Reddit late the other night and found one guy who’s definitely “cracked the code” when it comes to gun lasers (although he made one small mistake).


[Gun Gear] Don’t Make These “Operator” Rifle Mistakes

Do you have a sling on your rifle? Not just any sling will do. To get the most out of your home defense rifle or carbine, you need a very SPECIFIC type of sling…


CCW Gear And Tactical Flashlights: You NEVER Want To Say, “Oh No! I SHOT My Kid!”

You probably already know you need a tactical light… but a LOT of tactical lights on the market have something very wrong with them if you have to use them in a gunfight!


Tactical Firearms Training: Dry Fire Exercise Dummy Mods – Modern Combat and Survival – Tactical firearms training is only as good as how realistic you can make it. Shooting at paper targets is ok, but


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