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(Safe) Tueller Drill Alternative For Tactical Firearms Training At The Gun Range

The Tueller Drill is a popular tactical firearms exercise that famously established the “21-foot rule” – and most people get it all wrong!


Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Every prepper needs it, both for bugging out and for bugging in. Learn why you need a “sniper rifle” and the training to use it.


Tactical Shooting: Cop Gunfight Tips For “Terminator” Attackers

Attackers high on drugs or so full of adrenaline they won’t go down might seem like invincible, invulnerable “terminators.” Learn how one cop faced an attacker like this… and the lessons he took away from it.


As A Shooter, Are YOU Making These Killer “Square Range” Mistakes?

The “square range,” or traditional shooting range, is fun and all… but when it comes to realistic shooting training, it’s practically useless. Here are 3 reasons why.


Here Are 10 Gun Training Skills You Should Master… But CAN’T Get At The Range!

It’s looking even WORSE for us “armed citizens”… You should already know that – if you’re ever forced to defend yourself with your