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1 Gunman Defeats 5 Armed Attackers. (BUT. . .)

Jabir Kennedy pulled the trigger as fast as he could. The 5 attackers who were beating him mercilessly with brass knuckles and the butt of a gun meant to KILL him. Kennedy survived the attack… but his legal troubles were only just beginning!

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“The Knockout Game”: Video Proof Of The Need For Responsibly Armed Citizens

I actually had a blog commenter recently that said he thought “the knockout game” images I posted were “photoshopped” and not real. So I went


So They Wanna Play The “Knockout Game”? Here’s A Tactical Firearm Dry-Fire Drill That Could Save Your Life In An Ambush Attack!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “knockout game”, right? Where some cowardly low-life tries to impress his friends by sucker punching someone (even


Gun Test: Is One Of Your Eyeballs Smarter Than The Other? Here’s How To Tell Instantly…

Ok, this may ruffle a few butt-feathers out there, but if you’re like most people, here’s how you’re currently training with your handgun…


(Video) In The First :32 You See A Mother & Daughter Barely Avoid Prison For Defending Their Home… Then It Gets Worse!

Heroes are often made of average, upstanding citizens who are able to fend off the predators of our society. We look at them


What Do Open Carry Assault Rifles REALLY Say? 2 Survival Whoppers I Think You Missed

He’s walking through the front doors… He’s just a few feet away from your family… He’s wearing a t-shirt that talks about the


Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family! (Well Actually, I Guess Someone Does…)

You know those stick figure decals you see on the back of proud mommy minivans and SUV’s everywhere? Ok, not to sound like


Uh-Oh Glock! This Girl’s Gun Might Be So Sexy It Could Give You Performance Anxiety

He’s going for a gun. To survive, you don’t have seconds… you have a fraction of a second. Bobble the draw… fail to


4 Ways To Avoid A Really Crappy Legal Plan After A Self-Defense Shooting

Even though George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder, I’m sure he never would have gotten out of his car if he had it


He Fought Back With Lethal Force – And Was Jailed For Calling For Help? (This Could Happen To Anyone…)

I recently read a letter from a guy who was forced to kill a man trying to attack him with a metal pipe. I


You May Think Carrying 145 Rounds Of Ammo Every Day Is Paranoid. This Guy Calls It “Prepared”…

Before the call that changed police Sergeant Timothy Gramins’ life forever, he typically carried 47 rounds of ammo for his .45 Glock while


This Creepy Dude Knows More About Your Gun Than Any Other Expert You Can Think Of!

When it comes to shopping for the best home defense weapon, you might think to look to the magazines… the crusty gun store


A Former Iowa Police Officer’s Life Was RUINED After A 9-1-1 Call Left Him Jailed, Homeless & Broke! [FULL AUDIO]

A former West Des Moines police officer was left jailed, homeless and broke when he called 9-1-1 after a defensive shooting!


Where To Hide Your Guns For A Home Invasion

Murder, rape, and torture… …these are common aspects of one of the worst crimes you can experience – the home invasion. A criminal


Dry Fire Handgun Drill: Shooting Moving Targets

Gun fights don’t happen at a stand-still. Your uninvited meth-addict house guest is going to be moving – trying to shoot YOU while


NJ Home Invasion Caught On Nanny-Cam (WARNING – Graphic!)

I’m warning you… the video you’re about to see is very graphic (I’m even surprised they aired it on the news). But I


4 Tactical Tips To Survive A Home Invasion!

Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting at home watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ and there’s a knock at your front door. “Who’s there?” you say. Hello,

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