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Former CIA Officer Says, “Don’t Use This In A Home Invasion”

Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson had some interesting advice on a piece of home defense gear that, while popular and a fine idea in other cases, is NOT a good idea in a home invasion.


WL 354 – Weapon-Mounted Flashlight SMACKDOWN

You know I like to challenge tradition… and in this case, the “tacticool” fanboys are WRONG about this CQC gunfighting accessory!


The “Alpha Secret” Used By Spec-Ops Soldiers To Master Any Gun Skill TWICE As Fast!

Could going to the gun range with your pistol actually be WORSE than if you didn’t go at all? Here’s how to DOUBLE your shooting speed and pull your shot-groups in TWICE as tight… all without leaving your house!


Survival Firearms: Hiding Your Guns From Thieves, Looters & Martial Law Confiscation

Survival firearms are very important, but gun confiscation (gun bans) as well as looters, thieves, and government gun control schemes are a big threat. Learn how to preserve your rights and survive martial law.


Learn Any Gun Skill Faster and More Efficiently!

Brain Science to the rescue! Did you know that you can learn your firearm training skills MUCH faster, AND be more effective with


Home Defense Shotgun: 3 Tactical Mistakes Even Experienced Shooters Forget About!

The late, great Louis Awerbuck had a LOT of opinions on shotguns. Our interview with him remains one of the most informative we done here at MCS. Here are some of Mr. Awerbuck’s thoughts on the topic. He is greatly missed in the tactical community.


(Safe) Tueller Drill Alternative For Tactical Firearms Training At The Gun Range

The Tueller Drill is a popular tactical firearms exercise that famously established the “21-foot rule” – and most people get it all wrong!


WL 352 – Tacticool Re-Load Myth Buster

The “tactical reload” is taken for granted by a lot of CCW carriers AND trainers. There’s just one problem: It almost NEVER works as advertised! We explain why in this week’s podcast.


3 Riot Defense FAILS That Put People In Prison

Don’t make these mistakes if you find yourself staring down an angry mob!


Best Home Defense / Home Invasion Defense: Son Comes Home, Starts SHOOTING

Home invasion is the worst case scenario for any family – especially now, with so many of us home all the time. Learn how one man saved his family from a violent home invasion… by going for his gun!

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