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WL 412 – Tactics Of The Family Bodyguard

Are you essentially your family’s bodyguard? Well, something happened to me at a concert recently that got me to thinking… and there are some things you’ll want to do (and NOT to do) if this happens to you!

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Taco Toolsday: We Review “The Knife That BROKE Wal-Mart”

For Taco Toolsday, we review the knife that you can’t seem to find in stock at any Wal-Mart… and explain just what happened to make this blade so popular.


Cheap “Hardware Store Fix For All Weapons & Tools

For some of you, this quick tactical tip isn’t new… but if you’ve never heard of it before, this “tacticool” solution can last nearly a lifetime.


WL 360 – How To Deal With Your Internet Enemies

Either you’ve got Internet enemies, or eventually you’ll make some. Here’s how to avoid doing that… and what to do if you can’t help it and someone comes after you online.


[Freedom Friday] Is Open Carry Of Your Firearm A “Right”… Or Are You Sending The WRONG Message?

Constitutional carry is becoming more and more common, and there are more states than ever that permit “open carry,” too. But open carry is hotly debated even among gun owners. Where do YOU stand? I’d like to know.


WL 359 – 10 More Tips For Concealed Carry

Previously I talked about the “10 commandments of concealed carry.” These aren’t “commandments,” but they are HIGHLY recommended… and sometimes VERY controversial tips for CCW.


WL 358 – Transform Fear Into Super Human Power

Fear can be your worst enemy in a fight… but it can also be your best friend. Learn how to control that outcome in this week’s podcast!


WL 356 – 7 Challenges For Tactical Mindset Mastery

I’ve got to warn you; in this week’s podcast, I’m really going to challenge you. I have a feeling you’re up for it, though. Don’t miss this episode!


WL 355 – Debunked: 5 Myths About Training In Person

Warrior Life’s Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to explain his recent experience at a martial arts seminar after taking TWO YEARS off from in-person training… and what experiences like this mean for your own fighting and combatives training.


Riot Survival Tips: 3 Ways To Establish Your Own “13 Hours” Escape Plan!

It’s one of the most infamous terrorist attacks in modern history – and there’s a LOT we can learn from it.


[Toolbox Tuesday] Do NOT Carry This Escape & Evasion Tool

This common escape & evasion tool is also the preferred tool of thieves who target cars, so carrying it could get you arrested. There’s a better alternative!


Hand To Hand Combat: MMA Fighter Makes Horrible “Road Rage” Mistake

When Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Guma Epfane Vasconcelos got into a “road rage” altercation with a guy on a motorcycle, he made a “martial arts mistake” that ended in TRAGEDY!


Most People Don’t Know This 5 Step “Grid-Down” Food Response Plan

Everyone’s talking about food shortages these days. It’s valuable to take a look at a basic food survival plan…


Survival Food/Survival Stores Advice: Eating Pets & Bugs? Ugh!

There’s been a lot of talk about food shortages in the news recently. Well, what a lot of people have forgotten is that


3 Everyday Carry Gear (EDC) “Back-Up Weapons” Every Survivalist Should Carry!

Right now, it’s a good idea to get “back to basics.” If life ever gets back to normal again (and especially if it doesn’t), you want to make sure you have some good back-up weapons on you.


MCS 268 – CIA EDC Gear Hacks

You will be the deciding factor in ANY emergency you face. Learn how to hedge your bets with CIA-proven gear for escape and evasion in this preview of the New World Patriot Alliance monthly masterclass.


Benghazi Riot Tips For EDC Gear – Escape And Evasion For Mob Violence

Riot escape and evasion tips from Benghazi? We talk to Kris “Tanto” Paronto, who has been there, done that… and learned hard lessons as a result.


EDC Tactical Gear: Life-Saving Police Gear Even YOU Can Carry!

Police are some of the best-equipped people in the world. Much of the gear they EDC is equipment YOU can carry to protect your life and the lives of others.


Survival Food Covert Cooking Tips For Grid-Down Scenarios & Food Caching

Survival Food for grid-down scenarios and WROL/SHTF emergencies presents an interesting problem: How should you prepare it? We cover three tips for preparing stockpiled food caches.


Survival Food Stockpiling Tips: Guidelines For Storing Food

These survival food stockpiling tips are more than guidelines for storing food. They represent real military experience when it comes to caching food stores.


More Funny Gun-Rights Signs (That Can Be A Legal Self-Defense NIGHTMARE!)

Recently, my buddy Tim Larkin over at Target Focus Training posted one of my videos to his readers that generated a TON of


Funny Gun Quotes Re-Do: My “Gun Nut” Neighbor Actually Listened To Me!

I think I’m FINALLY getting through to people… About a year ago I filmed a video for you, explaining how silly jokes like


3 “Hidden Dangers” In Your Survival Food Cache

By now you already know that storing away a “survival food cache” is an essential part of any crisis plan, right? If not,


My Neighbor Thinks He’s Funny. But A Jury Won’t Be Laughing If He Ever Pulls The Trigger!

Ok, I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this. (And my apologies to my neighbor if you actually see

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