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WL 365 – How To Spot Fake “Tactical Gurus”

There are a lot of people out there teaching who probably should not be. In this week’s podcast, we look at 5 tests that can reveal an instructor’s “red flags.”


Taco Toolsday 2min Video Review: SPOON of DOOM

If you don’t have this spoon of doom in your self-defense arsenal for everyday carry, you really should.


WL 364 – OODA Loop Secrets (Part 2 Of 2)

In this second of a two-part series following a fight I saw at Disney World, we look at some simple, easy tricks to use your attacker’s OODA decision loop against him.


WL 363 – Tactical Lessons From A Fight At Disney World

When I was in the Happiest Place On Earth last week, I saw a fight in line that got me to thinking about how we look at the OODA loop. Let me tell you, the woman involved in this fight? She got what she deserved!


What To Do If A “Fake Cop” Pulls You Over

People impersonating officers is nothing new… but it’s a bigger problem than you might realize. Here’s what to do if a suspicious “police officer” pulls you over.


My Top 3 Dollar Store Weapons (Improvised Tools For NPEs)

We all deal with non-permissive environments, which means we might need to get creative and improvise weapons (especially when traveling). Here are 3 weapons you can find at a Dollar Store and make for just 6 bucks!


Taco Toolsday: We Review “The Knife That BROKE Wal-Mart”

For Taco Toolsday, we review the knife that you can’t seem to find in stock at any Wal-Mart… and explain just what happened to make this blade so popular.


Cheap “Hardware Store Fix For All Weapons & Tools

For some of you, this quick tactical tip isn’t new… but if you’ve never heard of it before, this “tacticool” solution can last nearly a lifetime.


WL 360 – How To Deal With Your Internet Enemies

Either you’ve got Internet enemies, or eventually you’ll make some. Here’s how to avoid doing that… and what to do if you can’t help it and someone comes after you online.


Riots still coming – the “WROL summer” isn’t over!

Civil unrest was a reality of life last summer… and, to be honest, this summer has been TOO quiet.

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