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How An Accidental “Strongman” Discovery Uncovered The Secret To Developing Bone-Crushing Grip-Strength For Self-Defense And Firearms Training

Could this simple tweak to an ancient training tool really be the secret to a vice-like grip for firearms and combatives training?


WL 360 – How To Deal With Your Internet Enemies

Either you’ve got Internet enemies, or eventually you’ll make some. Here’s how to avoid doing that… and what to do if you can’t help it and someone comes after you online.


WL 359 – 10 More Tips For Concealed Carry

Previously I talked about the “10 commandments of concealed carry.” These aren’t “commandments,” but they are HIGHLY recommended… and sometimes VERY controversial tips for CCW.


WL 358 – Transform Fear Into Super Human Power

Fear can be your worst enemy in a fight… but it can also be your best friend. Learn how to control that outcome in this week’s podcast!


Solo Street Fight Self-Defense Training? These 3 Training Aids Will Help…

“C’mon… can you REALLY learn self-defense skills without going to a martial arts school?” I hear this all the time from people who


These 3 “Confessions” Of Modern-Day Gunfighter, Jim Cirillo Can Save Your Life

Jim Cirillo was a “modern-day gunfighter” in his time with the NYPD. His “secrets” can help you to better train for real-life gunfights.


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