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My “Top 5” Best Bugout Guns

If you were literally forced out of your home due to a major disaster… wide-scale grid-down blackout… or other catastrophic event… which gun would you bring with you? I think you’ll be REALLY surprised at my number 1 pick…

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10 SHTF Urban Survival Weapons Hacks – DIY Projects From Your Garage [#428]

Armed for the apocalypse? These 10 urban survival weapons tips will help get you there!


WL 409 – Extreme Improvised Weapons: 3 Steps To Arm Yourself Anywhere, Anytime!

There are weapons all around you. You NEVER have to be unarmed no matter where you happen to be. Here’s how to make it work for you.


Crazy Knife-Fighting Lessons From A Russian Spec-Ops Soldier

Yes, combat knife throwing is a thing. Here’s how to do it the way the Russian special forces do.


If You Carry A Folding Knife, Make Sure It Has THIS Feature. . .

Do you carry a folding knife, either as a backup or as your primary weapon? Then you better make sure it has THIS…


The Invisible Survival Weapon (From Ancient Times)

There is a survival weapon from ancient times that makes the perfect hide-in-plain-sight tool, making it a functional (and invisible) way to protect yourself (while it also makes you safer as you bug out).


WL 374 – Combat Knife Throwing (Yeah, It’s A Thing!)

Why would you EVER throwing your knife in a fight? I don’t just have one good reason… I have TEN!


[Toolsday] Media Want You To Fear The “Saturday Night Special” Of Knives

A knife first popularized among South African criminals because it was cheap remains strangely popular among some “knife people” today. In our Toolsday gear review, we talk about this knife and the type of knives it represents.


Toolsday Review: Ed Calderon’s “Motel Armorer” Improvised Weapons Online Course

There’s a disturbing trend when it comes to gun rights, one unique to the “post-pandemic” world… and we need to talk about it before it’s too late.


The “Combat Knife” I Carry (And Why)

Do you carry a knife for personal defense? There’s a specific feature you should consider if your knife doesn’t already have it…


Pioneer Woman: The Knife That “Broke The Internet”

One of my favorite things to monitor on the Internet is “tactical fads.” These are trends and things that become popular in the

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