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3 “Anti-Gun” Arguments I’m Sick Of Hearing

No one likes to see kids die…

Yet to hear the media and politicians once again manipulate public perception on gun control following the horrible mass-shooting in Oregon by distorting the “real problems” is (in my humble opinion) doing a grave dis-service to the innocent lives lost – and more that are sure to follow.

Demonizing responsibly-armed citizens isn’t going to solve our problems.

And oh yes… we certainly DO have a problem – but it’s NOT “because” of the guns. In fact….

Here Are 3 Anti-Gun Arguments I’m Sick Of Hearing…

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1. “Stricter gun laws will protect our children.”

Getting a gun has never been a problem for anyone who’s intent on shooting children.

It’s the intent that’s the problem, and the one connecting factor in all of the mass shootings we’ve seen has been mental illness – plain and simple.

In fact, as far as I can tell, every mass murder has been stopped by either shooting the murderer… him shooting himself… or threatening to shoot him.

Yes… with guns.

If a shooter began firing up my son’s school and someone asked me whether I’d prefer to count on a local, legally-armed citizen (or a teacher) to save the day or wait for police to show up, I know my answer.

Sadly, the media doesn’t pay as much attention to stories of citizens saving the day.

2. “A gun in the home increases risk of death.”

Yes, there are horrific stories of kids shooting themselves or other kids after finding a handgun in the home. These we call tragedies.

And yet there are more than a few stories of kids who were home alone and were able to get to a gun and shoot a home invader. Those we call heroes.

What’s the difference in these kids?

Parents who teach safety to their children and how to handle a gun responsibly vs. dumbass parents (often criminals) who hide their gun in between the matress thinking that little Johnny will never know it’s there.

You can’t “control” your way out of “stupid”.

3. Countries with stricter gun control have lower violent crime rates.

You have countries where there’s strict gun control and very low crimes, (such as Japan) and places with very loose gun control and also low crime (like Switzerland).

Then there are places with strict gun control and very high crime rates like Russia, Mexico, Columbia, and Jamaica.

The fact is that there is no correlation.

But painting “America” as a gun-happy, violent country makes it easy for politicians to restrict guns across the board… while skirting around the real “violent crime stats” they should be looking at…

When you look at the homicide rates across our country, you find that about 90% are in urban areas and caused by the street gangs – mostly black.

That’s not racist. That’s statistics… and we would do a lot more for reducing violent crime by working on the opportunities and living conditions in low-income urban areas that don’t even have a grocery store nearby.

Not saying that as an excuse… just that there are true problems in our inner cities that contribute far more to the violent crime rate than school shootings and these areas become breeding grounds for criminals…

… criminals who don’t ask for a permit to get hold of a gun.

I can tell you that I’ve had many an argument with my relatives over the topic of “gun control” and every time, all I do is ask them the 3 questions from our “2nd Amendment Smackdown” book and their jaw just hits the floor.

Always gives me a good chuckle to see that. 🙂

What “Anti-Gun” Arguments Are YOU Sick Of Hearing?

Please Share  Your Frustrations Below Now…

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