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3 “No B.S.” Gunfight Lessons To Be Learned From The Ferguson, MO Shooting

This post isn’t about the lack of indictment of Officer Darren Wilson following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

This isn’t about race relations… police relations… good or bad attorneys… or even about militarized police response.

This blog post is about you… and what you can learn from the rare first-hand glimpse we get from a real-world close quarters gunfight.

The following video excerpt is from the full ABC News interview with Officer Darren Wilson – picked up from the point where Wilson first draws his weapon inside his police vehicle after a barrage of blows from Michael Brown.

Here Are 3 Important “Ferguson Lessons” About
The Reality Of A Close-Quarters Gunfight…

It’s always best to learn from someone else’s mistakes, right?

Well, here are 3 hard realities you need to face NOW before you are the one on the other side of the handgrip.

1. Most Gunfights Are “Close Quarters” Attacks

While most gun-owners are training down at the local range for a long-range gunfight of 7 yards and beyond, the reality is that most gunfights happen less than 9′ away – as a result of an ambush or escalated argument.

In this range, you’re going to need more than just a keen eye and a tight shot group… as was learned by Officer Darren Wilson on that fateful night when he struggled with Michael Brown for his life.

While you may think the other “gun gurus” at the range will laugh at you for putting your target so close to you, see how different it feels to shoot at something at the minimum distance your range will allow.

It’s different… trust me!

2. Hands… Then Bullets!

In a close-quarters ambush, you’re most likely not going to be able to draw your weapon fast enough to engage the threat – especially if you’re carrying concealed.

That means you’re going to have to “fight to your gun”.

Are you spending as much time on mastering your close-combat hand-to-hand skills as you are getting that tight shot group with your weapon?

Be honest.

3. Killed… With Your Own Gun!

It’s a sad reality that too many police officers have learned the hard way.

If you’re not strong enough to wrestle your gun away from someone twice your size, you could find yourself on the other end of the barrel like Officer Wilson was as they struggled for control of his gun.

People underestimate the need for “grip strength” in their firearm skills… but it’s a critical necessity for weapon retention and close-quarters engagement.

And don’t think you’re too old to build an iron-tight bone-crunching grip.

My friend, Mike Gillette is “over 50” and knows how to develop an iron-grip so strong, he literally bends bars with his bare hands.

That kind of grip strength would make you open jars like a hero… shake hands like a “real man”… and snap off a thug’s finger as you take back your gun he was trying to wrestle from you.

What Other Gunfight Lessons Can We Learn From This Video?

Please Share Your Observations Below…

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