MCS Podcast #90: 5 Common Revolver Myths - BUSTED!
  • MCS Podcast #90: 5 Common Revolver Myths – BUSTED!

    Revolver myths for personal defense

    Are you a revolver lover?

    Would you admit to it if you were?

    “Wheel guns” certainly have their following, but there’s still a whole lotta holdouts who have been sucked into believing the myths, misinformation, and lies spread around the gun industry about the revolver’s second-class status.

    But this week’s guest, snubbie guru Michael deBethencourt, has a little something to say about that as he busts the 5 most common revolver myths wide open.

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    Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

    • Myth #1:  “Revolvers are just for old cops and women!”
    • Myth #2:  “Wheel guns are harder to conceal and more difficult to access in a real gunfight!”
    • Myth #3:  “Revolvers just don’t carry enough ammo for a real gunfight!”

    • Myth #4:   “Snubbies don’t have enough stopping power to defeat a violent attacker!”

    • Myth #5:  “You can’t shoot as accurately with a clunky wheel gun as you can with a slick, sleek,semi-auto!”

    Any of these arguments sound familiar?

    Get ready to see them busted… and you may become a convert yourself!

    Do You Own A Revolver For Concealed Carry Or Home Defense?

    Please Share Your Insights On The “Wheel Gun Advantages” Below Now…

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