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A Better Alternative To Tactical Skateboard Tape / Stair Tape?

Once “tactical people” get an idea in their heads, they tend to stick with it.

I remember talking to a guy who had a friend who was convinced he had come up with the idea of using skateboard tape or stair tape for knife and gun grips.

“Don’t tell anyone,” his friend said to him. “I don’t want to see a thousand posts with this stuff stuck on everybody’s guns and blades.”

We see how that worked out, as sandpaper-texture stair tape or skateboard tape has been used by “tactical folks” for a loooong time now.

But what if you don’t want a gritty, rough texture?

What if you’re looking for something that aids in traction, but also provides comfort?

That’s where Goon Tape comes in.

Skateboard Tape vs Goon Tape

Goon Tape is NOT a sponsor, and I don’t get a dime for telling you about it or linking to their website… but this stuff is GREAT!

It provides a soft, grippy surface that instantly adds traction but ALSO comfort.

Goon Tape

For example, the wooden handle on this cheapo knife was getting pretty rough… but with some Goon Tape, it instantly became more comfortable and provided better traction!

The website’s tag line is, “Soft tape for rough work,” and that’s absolutely accurate.

The next time you’re looking for something to give you better traction and more comfort — on a gun, on a knife, or whatever — consider Goon Tape over the sandpaper stair tape or skateboard tape.

Goon Tape

Like with everything, a lot will depend on what you prefer.

Give it a shot and let me know which one you like (and why)! You can check out Goon Tape here

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