A warning if you EVER give to "veteran charities". . .

A warning if you EVER give to “veteran charities”. . .

F*cking low-lifes!

Excuse my English… but this sh*t gets to me when I see it…

I just read an article in my local paper about a “veteran charity” that supposedly provides medical assistance, rehabilitation, and therapy to members of the armed forces.

In total, they had raised an amazing $2.7 million in donations for veterans under names like:

Harleys For Heroes
American Veterans Foundation
Injured American Veterans Foundation
Healing Heroes Network, and
Hero Giveways

All sound like great charities to give your patriotic contribution to, right?

Well guess how much they actually SPENT helping soldiers?

A “whopping” $14,515!

Guess where the rest of the moolah went?

Yup… paid out to high-price salespeople and “personal expenses” of the charity owners!


Look, I need to warn you here:  DON’T give to a charity just because it sticks the word “Veteran, Warrior, Hero” or whatever in its name.  Make sure you actually TRUST the source and do your homework to see how much of their donations are actually going to the cause you’re supporting.

And trust me, these days our veterans need our help MORE THAN EVER!

During the pandemic, my fellow vets who have been suffering with combat-related post-traumatic stress dis-order” (PTSD), have felt more alone and cut off from the support that was keeping them going day-to-day.

I think that’s why we’ve seen an increase in “veteran suicide” as a result – and we were already at 20-22 SOLDIERS DYING EVERY DAY!

Fortunately, we’re gaining momentum with my non-profit “Operation Save Our Soldiers” and making a REAL difference!

In fact, we just got done with our most recent Warrior Retreat here in Florida and guess what…

YOUR donations paid the entire bill for 10 veterans to finally get the help they needed to overcome their “inner scars” of combat!

Here’s a pic of our group (btw, that’s me and my girlfriend on the far right)…


If you didn’t already know, a couple years ago I formed “Operation Save Our Soldiers” (a 501c3 non-profit) and teamed up with a fellow combat-veteran to literally save the lives of our brothers- and sisters-in-arms!

Through our “Warrior Retreats”, veterans are experiencing a groundbreaking new way to erase the emotional triggers of combat-related PTSD once and for all… and return to their families “whole” again – in as little as just ONE 2-hour session!

(No, that’s NOT a typo. This cutting-edge therapy – known as Rapid Resolution Therapy” – really IS that powerful! I’ve experienced it myself and saw all of my symptoms VANISH in just one session – with no drugs, gadgets, or painful recounting of the memories of war!)

What does it cost soldiers to attend?


Soldiers pay nothing for the help they get at our Warrior Retreats.

We pay for their travel, accommodations, events, therapy… everything!

The way we see it, veterans have already paid the price, and it’s OUR commitment as proud Americans to help them reclaim their lives when they come back home from duty.

To save their family… their careers… their very lives!

In fact, I’ve made a personal commitment to pay for all of our non-profit’s admin expenses out of my own pocket so that 100% of YOUR donations go straight to sponsoring the soldiers themselves.

That way, donors like you never have to wonder if your gift is going to the right place, you know?

You’re DIRECTLY sponsoring a veteran and literally CHANGING THEIR LIFE!

(One guy I spoke to at the last retreat said that – after his first therapy session – he slept through the entire night for the first time in YEARS… and WITHOUT the prescribed drugs he relied on before!)

Most of our contributions come from patriots just like you, giving small tax-deductible donations.

And that means from time to time, we have to ask.

Well, we have another Warrior Retreat we’re planning for so today is one of those days…

Can I count on you to make just a $5 tax-deductible donation today to help directly sponsor a soldier for the next “Warrior Retreat” as a way of standing by our brave soldiers who need our help when they come home?

Our mission gets its power from the patriotic Americans who play their own part in paying back our soldiers returning home “broken”.

You and I hold the power to change their lives – to SAVE their lives!

Thank you in advance for hearing their call for help… and for actual DOING something about it.

God bless you.  God bless the United States Of America. And God bless our brave soldiers and veterans who defend freedom around the world!

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