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Here’s Just One More Way The Military Industrial Complex Is Making Money Off Crappy War Gizmos!

An active shooter stalks through you kid’s school.  

He’s coming closer.

Your child is following the school’s lockdown protocol and a sitting duck for the next psycho looking to become a legend in the news media.

Fortunately, your local school board bought every child their own little “bullet barrier” to keep little Johnny safe, right?


Here’s Just One More Way The Military Industrial Complex Is Making Money Off Of Crappy War Gizmos!

Active Shooter Ballistic Blankets
Ok, this makes me want to drive my MRAP down to Dick Cheney’s secret lair and hook my exhaust pipe to the military industrial complex’s HVAC system.

A bulletproof “blanket” designed to protect our children from a sadistic shooting rampage?! At $1,000 per blankie?!

Yeah, how sad it is as a society that school violence has become such a cultural threat that companies are now developing ballistic shields for your child to huddle under, hoping not to be killed?

Whether it’s a psycho school shooter or an armed home invader, it’s important you know…

How To REALLY Train Your Child
To Survive An Armed Attacker!

Curling into a ball and praying for mercy is no way to survive violence.

You can’t just wait to die. 

We’re teaching our kids to lock themselves in classrooms that can’t stop a determined killer who has a firearm, and we’re all pretending this is a solution to these mass killings. 

It isn’t.

Instead, YOU need to teach your kids what to do in the event of a sudden act of violence – whether at home or at school:

1. Screw “lockdown procedures”!

I’ve taught my kid to ignore the teacher and try to get as many kids out the first floor classroom window as quickly as possible.

Your child should evaluate on his/her own a secondary escape route for all classrooms for any emergency.

In an immediate attack, he/she should know their best options for cover (think “tornado”)… like heavy metal desks or bookcases that are loaded with text books.

2. Drill The “Response Plan”

Ok, Little Johnny isn’t going to convince the Principal to let him slip out the window (insurance and all, ya know), but they can visualize what they could do in an emergency so they can leap to action instantly rather than trying to work out a plan during the chaos.

At home, don’t think you’re going to be able to direct your child to safety when an intruder is halfway through  your front door.

The time to plan is NOW and run it like a “fire drill”

(Note: We have more details on how to do this without scaring the hell out of them in our Extreme Home Defense Tactics manual)

3. Double-Check The “Exit Plan”

Do the windows in the school classrooms allow them to be opened enough to slip through or are they too narrow or old and “don’t work anymore”?

Same goes for your home… I can’t tell you how many houses I’ve been in where I go over to the kid’s window and it’s so old or painted shut that even even Arnold Schwarzenneger couldn’t budge them!

If on a second floor, do you have an escape ladder that they can use?

Waiting To Die Is NOT An Option!

But that means that NOW is the time to plan and teach your child the true meaning of survivability.

This vital information could save your life and your child’s life… especially if it corrects some of the nonsense they’re teaching in schools these days.

Waiting to die, hiding under a bulletproof blanket, is not the answer.

Taking responsibility for your family’s safety is.

What Other Active Shooter Tips Can You Think Of?

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