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The “Armed Citizen’s” Guide To The Courtroom: Defending Yourself After A Deadly Force Encounter

You train to save your life in a gunfight…

But are you “trained” to survive a court battle AFTER the fight that could put you in prison just for defending yourself?

I know you think it won’t happen because you’re “the good guy”… but the truth is, all it takes is one little mistake for a jury to judge your actions as “too extreme”.

And while there’s a butt-load of advice littering the internet about how to end an attacker’s life with a bullet, there’s very little legal training for responsibly-armed citizens.

That’s why we filmed this free video for you…

In fact, here are…

4 Courtroom Tips For The Armed Citizen Following A Deadly Force Encounter…

Armed Citizen Legal Defense

1. Designate a “stable” point person

Someone is going to need to arrange for your defense and make hard decisions.

Who do you trust to do that during a highly stressful time?

Your spouse may be too emotionally drained and/or caring for your children’s needs (especially if your family was attacked).

2. Give them signed “powers of attorney”

Your representative may need to make medical decisions… access personal records and even make financial withdrawals to pull together your defense fund in your absence.

3. Have the means to pay for your defense

You’re going to need about $5,000 as a starter for your defense attorney retainer.

Determine now what assets you would let go, such as investments, life insurance draw, sell-able items (guns, jewelry, etc.)

4. Know when to pull the trigger

As you can see, surviving an attack is only part of the battle.

It’s what happens AFTER an you use a firearm – even when justified – that can destroy a family almost as heavily.

The financial and emotional toll is very heavy and of course you should avoid it at all costs, short of your life of course.

Only fools own a gun… train with a gun… and then never “train” in how to avoid the devastation AFTER pulling the trigger.

Know your legal responsibilities in defending yourself so you know how to protect yourself legally in a shooting – and prepare yourself now for the aftermath if you’re left with no choice but to defend yourself and your family.

  • Larry Sovinsky says:

    Do you recommend stab or bullet proof vests? If yes, do you have any recommendations?

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