MCS Podcast 69: Win A Bar Fight By Reading Your Attacker With Bas Rutten

MCS Podcast 69: Win A Bar Fight By Reading Your Attacker With Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten - Win A Bar Fight

(Editor’s Note: Please excuse the audio – this was an archive recording on older equipment… but the tips are awesome!)

It could be in a bar, a parking lot, or at a concert or sporting event…

When a bully gets in your face and decides he’s going to chew you up and spit you out, your ability to spot his weakness – in a split second – is what allows you to take him out quickly, before he even knows what hit him.

And legendary UFC fighter, Bas Rutten, was a master at this!

I asked him for his “secret” for reading an attacker – and then exploiting it… and of course he over-delivered as always…

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • “Audio Cues” you can use to temporarily short-circuit your attacker’s offensive intent.
  • Hands & Feet: What they have to tell you about how you can expect your opponent to attack (and why your attacker’s non-punching hand can be more telling than his strikes)!
  • How to throw “fakes” that will open your attacker up wide!
  • Why (and how) you should use your environment to survive a real attack – indoors or outdoors!
  • Street strikes hardly ANYONE uses… that will give you the offensive edge even if choked against a wall!

Bas really jammed a ton of tips into this short interview and there’s over 200 real street-fights of experience in there for you!

Take notes!

What Other “Signs” Can Give Away Your Attacker’s Weak Spots?

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