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MCS Podcast 36: At-Home Gun Training With Jeff Anderson

Did you know that the best tactical training doesn’t happen at the gun range?

It’s not even at (most) so-called “tactical training” courses you’ll pay a bazillion dollars for.

In fact, with just a few minutes each week, you can become a “master gunfighter” without even firing a single round… by practicing in your own home!

This week, Ox is our special Guest Host as he interviews MCS Mag Editor, Jeff Anderson, about how to incorporate the best dry-fire drills into your tactical firearms training.

Tactical Gun Training From The Comfort Of Your Home

Best Dry-Fire Drills For Tactical Pistol Training

Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • Why the “gun range” could be the WORST choice for building a foundation to your gunfighting skills!
  • How to choose the best targets to practice with that will get you as close to “the real thing” as possible (without breaking your bank account)!
  • Force-on-force training! The most realistic tactical training you’ll ever get… and a simple drill to get you started!
  • The 3 most overlooked factors that most gun-owners fall prey to that will drastically reduce your chances for surviving a real armed conflict!
  • The #1 biggest mistake nearly every gun-owner makes in their firearms training… and how to solve it fast!

Experts know that dry-fire is your very best option for on-going tactical training without the long lines and big-time expenses that come with traditional range-training.

The strategies in this week’s podcast will make you a true believer… and better prepared to be a SURVIVOR!

What Other “At-Home” Gun Training Tips Do You Have?

Please Share Your Strategies Below Now…

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