Best Grappling Moves For Street Fighting | Clinch Takedown

Wicked Street Fight Grappling Move Takes Down Even Bigger Stronger Attackers!

When you’re attacked in a real street fight, the best grappling moves used in mixed martial arts are likely to also be your downfall – especially if you try them against a much bigger, stronger attacker.

For example, the clinch is where your attacker basically wraps you up tight – in close quarters combat range – and takes away your striking ability while giving him a lot of options to pound you into hamburger.

But there’s a little “takedown trick” I learned that works really great at getting you out of this tight spot and even laying your attacker out flat.  In fact…

Here’s the Best Grappling Move For Street Fighting
(It Even Takes Down Bigger Stronger, Attackers!)

1. In Grappling Move Range, Own The Inside

First, always make sure that you own the inside of the clinch by having your arms on the inside of your attacker’s.

If you’re on the outside of a clinch, you don’t have as many options for targets, while your opponent has all kinds of options for knees, uppercuts, and other strikes.

For this takedown technique, you’ll only need to get one arm inside so if your arms are on the outside, take one arm off of your attacker.

Quickly come under his arm on the same side.

2. The Best Grappling Takedown Target (Hint: It’s Not His Legs!)

As you come under his arm, slide your hand up along the center of his chest.

As your hand travels up his body, let your fingers travel up to his throat.

There, you’ll find your way to his throat and find the “notch” right above the collar bone at the base of the throat.

At the same time, you want to place your other hand behind your attacker’s neck so get control of his body while you perform this takedown technique.

3. Take Him Straight Down To The Pavement

Finally, press your finger tips into your attacker’s throat notch.

As you push in, you’ll simultaneously push down toward the ground directly behind his feet.

This is critical!

Do NOT just push straight forward like most martial arts techniques will tell you to!

This in-and-down motion is what makes this self defense move so powerful as your attacker will naturally fall straight down, gagging and choking, giving you the opportunity to escape as a follow up to your takedown technique

Defeating Larger Attackers In A Real Street Fight

As you can see from this simple “street grappling” move, you don’t need to be big and strong to take down even a much larger attacker.

Think about it… the thug who’s twice your size may workout in the gym every day, but the throat notch target isn’t covered in muscle so it’s easy to use this weakness against him.

Here’s another video of a much larger attacker who beat up a guy in public because his giant size intimidated his victim.

If you watch closely, you can see how this giant mutant already knew he had an easy target.

What Other Escape Tactics Could You See Using From This Video?

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