MCS Podcast 61: Tactical Ammo Tips (Part 1 Of 3 - Selection)

MCS Podcast 61: Tactical Ammo Tips (Part 1 Of 3 – Selection)

What’s the best round to load into your personal defense handgun?

Well, more often than not, the ammo someone chooses is based more on a cool name and flashy packaging than actual performance.

But there are actually even more important criteria you need to be aware of to not only have confidence in your weapon’s stopping power… but even for your survival AFTER you’re forced to pull the trigger.

MCS Editor, Jeff Anderson, offers a non-techie explanation that will force every gun owner to do a double-take on what’s currently sitting in the chamber.

Tactical Ammo Tips, Part 1: 5 Secrets To Selecting The Perfect Personal Defense Round

Best Handgun Ammo For Personal Defense

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • Your own personal “bullet expert” is literally just a phone call away (and they offer FREE consulting too!)
  • Do you load your own ammo?  Sweet!  Now… avoid this “basement assassin” profile at all costs!
  • 3 bullets juries HATE!  Buy them at your own risk of spending the rest of your life in a jail cell… even if you were justified in shooting!
  • The ONLY type of ammo to feed up the pipe of your handgun!  Don’t make the same mistake I saw a gun store owner make!
  • “Is BIGGER really better?”  Depends on what you’re talking about I guess…

I promise you’ll never look at ammo the same again… and it’s time you take what you’re feeding your gun dead serious.

The bullet you choose could one day save your life… or end it!

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What’s YOUR Favorite Personal Defense Ammunition?

Please Share Your Choice Below Now And Why You Chose It…

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