MCS Podcast 47: High-Threat Mobile Ops With Max Velocity

MCS Podcast 47: High-Threat Mobile Ops With Max Velocity

Urban Survival Bugout Ops

When the world gets turned upside-down and law and order have come to a screeching halt, your home may no longer be the safest place to stay.

But the road to safety may not be without its own hazzards and protecting your family from the potential threats of militia “warlords”, military and rebel checkpoints, or deadly ambushes designed to rob you of your survival gear and supplies will be a serious concern for you.

That’s why I reached out to grab Max Velocity, a battlefield-proven ops expert, to school us on how to conduct your mobile escape while evading hostile threats.

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Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • The biggest “tactical mistakes” most people make when planning their escape plan to their bugout destination (and how to fix it now!)
  • How to fortify your survival team convoy against attacks from rival groups, gangs, scavengers, and other post-collapse threats!
  • Checkpoints! These are dangerous funnels that could trap you and your family in a no-escape scenario. You’ll discover how to avoid (or react) to these chokepoints at all cost!
  • Defending against a no-warning ambush!
  • How to “circle the wagons” into a defensive stronghold when planning routine stops and encampents on your way to safety – and defeat the “wolves” of a broken down society seeking to victimize the weak!

Let everyone else just jump in their car and take off to an uncertain fate when the walls come crumbling down.

YOU and those you love will now have the master escape & evasion plan for high-threat mobile ops in a world without rule of law.

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