MCS Podcast #82: 3 "Rock Star" Lessons On How To Build A Survival Team

MCS Podcast #82: 3 “Rock Star” Lessons On How To Build A Survival Team

Come take a drive with me…

I was in my car thinking long and hard about my last broadcast with Jim Cobb on choosing the right members of your survival team.

It reminded me of a recent school outing I was on with my son as well as a plane trip we took where we got a LOT of attention (the GOOD kind!).

What do our travels have to do with survival teams? Turns out, a lot!

Here Are 3 “Rock Star” Lessons On How To Build A Survival Team

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  • Why you shouldn’t be deceived into believing a “rock star status” of the potential recruits for your survival team!
  • How to choose the proper “skill sets” of the prospective members of your group!
  • How to assess what you really suck at… and what to do about it!)

Facing a long-term disaster, collapse, or attack by yourself is a tricky battlefield – on that you’re better off dealing with as a well chosen… trained… and prepared group. These three survival team lessons will give you some keen insights into some critical steps.

Have You Started Building Out YOUR “Survival Team”?

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