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CCW Gear And Tactical Flashlights: You NEVER Want To Say, “Oh No! I SHOT My Kid!”

“I no… I shot my kid!”

Every gun owner has worried about accidentally shooting the wrong person.

It has happened multiple times, too…

…A father hears a bump in the night…

…He gets his gun…

…He spots an intruder, and fires into the darkness…

…And it’s his own child who has been shot!

The reason this has happened more than once is that most attacks happen in low light.

We’re biologically programmed to fear threats that occur in the darkness… but we also can’t see to identify the threat.

This is why tactical flashlights are so important to gun owners… but I’m seeing a potentially HUGE problem with some of the new lights gun owners are buying.

Read on and I’ll explain…

Why This Tactical Light Feature Can CRIPPLE You In A Gunfight

This Tactical Light Feature Could Cripple You In A Gunfight
This Tactical Light Feature Could Cripple You In A Gunfight

Lots of gun owners understand that without a tactical light, they can’t positively identify a target in low light.

Since that’s when most gunfights are going to happen, carrying a “tactical torch” – and having one with your home defense gun – is super important.

But there’s a new wave of super-bright LED lights on the market that are designed by people who love flashlights…

…but who don’t understand “tactical” features.

And the single worst feature I’m seeing creep into more and more supposedly “tactical” lights?

It’s the on/off switch on the barrel of the light.

Now, back in the day, if your Mom kept one of those awful aluminum flashlights in the kitchen drawer, it probably had a switch on the barrel.

That’s how lights were designed until the first tactical lights, from companies like SureFire, came along.

Those lights had the switch on the tailcap, because in a fight, it’s much easier to hit the switch with your thumb.

It call comes down to adrenaline.

Under adrenaline, and in the stress of a real use-of-force encounter, you’re going to want to clench your fists.

Your dexterity will be a LOT worse, too, again because of the fight-or-flight reaction your body is having.

It’s much easier to thumb a tailcap switch under conditions like that.

But if you have to adjust your grip on the light and hunt for the on/off switch, you’re at a HUGE disadvantage.

Plus, if you hold your light in your fist, you can use it as a striking tool.

You CAN’T do that if you’re holding your light to hit the switch on the barrel.

For these reasons, you should ALWAYS buy a tactical light with a tailcap switch.

But here’s another problem: I guarantee the lights you own are almost obsolete unless you just bought them.

Light technology moves FAST, and the newest, brightest tactical torches are TONS BETTER than the ones of just a few years ago.

For example, the Light Saver tactical torch from Liberty Technologies has tons of great tactical features… is super compact… and will melt your face with how bright it is.

But it doesn’t cost much, and it’s even rechargeable so you don’t go broke buying batteries.
You can see how a proper tactical light should be set up in the linked video below:

You can also check out the Light Saver on this page.

But, look, it doesn’t matter to me which tactical light you buy…

…as long as you buy one that will serve you well during the stress and adrenaline of a real-life gunfight.

Your life depends on it… and so do the lives of your family members.

From being able to identify “friendlies” in low light, to being able to take down some methed-out rapist home invader when the cops are too far away to help…

…a tactical light is a MUST HAVE for any prepared citizen and home defender.
Be safe out there.

What Tactical Light Do YOU Carry?

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