Police Training Programs Are Changing All Over The Nation - And Here's Why...

Police Training Programs Are Changing All Over The Nation – And Here’s Why…

The FBI is big on tracking numbers – especially when it comes to deaths in law enforcement and how it may affect officer training.

For example, the total number of officers killed in the line of duty over a 9-year period, according to the FBI, was 633.

But it’s the numbers BEHIND those deaths that was the most alarming…

… and reveal how a different gun-training approach might have saved their lives.

In fact…

Police Training Programs Are Changing All Over The Nation – And Here’s Why…

close quarters combat shooting training

It all comes down to the realities of “proximity” and how close an attacker was at the time of the attack.

When you closely examine the reports…

  • 86% officers were killed within 21 feet of their attackers
  • 73% officers were killed within 10 feet or less
  • And a whopping 52% (yes, over HALF!) were killed from 5 FEET AWAY OR LESS.

Now if you’re like the typical gun-owner, you’re training on the range for what may actually be a “best case scenario” – one where an attack that comes from 7-15 yards away.

But according to the FBI’s research this is the range that only a tiny fraction of officers were killed from.

In other words, this is NOT realistic to the threat you will actually face with your firearm, is it?

This is why we say that most gunfights happen only 9′ away (or less)!

When your attacker is that close, he can be on top of you before you’re even able to draw your weapon – no mater how fast you think you may be.

And even if you are able to get lucky and draw, in 70% of the cases reviewed, officers reported never even having a chance to use sight alignment.

Instead, they reported they were forced to use instinctive, or “point shooting”.

What Does All This Mean For You And Your Gun?

It’s time for you to face the truth…

If “open carry” officers don’t have time to draw their weapon and use proper sight alignment, neither do you – especially if you carry concealed.

That’s why officers across the nation are being re-trained with these stats in mind.

They’re being trained in the realistic, close-quarters situations they’re most likely to encounter.

And that means YOU should be training this way too!

Our Adrenalized Force-On-Force Testing Proves
Most Gun Owners Will Die In A Close-Quarters Attack

It’s true!

When we put a group of hardcore, EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS (like law enforcement and military contractors!) to the test, less than 15% were able to draw and fire their weapon before an armed assailant rushed them from as far away as 40-50 feet to stab them repeatedly.

Now, if experienced shooters have a hard time handling an attack in controlled conditions from 50 feet, how are YOU going to hold up to a real-life attack from only 5-9 feet away?

Without advanced close-quarters gunfight training, the answer to that question isn’t good.

That’s why we developed our 7-stage close-quarters combat shooting system.

With this training, your odds of saving your own life – or the life of your loved one – will be a hell of a lot higher.

The bottom line is that police need to know how to handle themselves in the actual situations you’re likely to encounter… and so do you!

If you change your training to match real attacks, you’ll have a much better chance to get yourself out of a deadly scenario alive.

What About You? Have You Begun To Train For Close-Quarter Gun Defense?

Please Share Your Reasons For Switching Below Now…

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