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Combat Machete: My Controversial #1 Backup (Fighting) Tool In The Military

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

You don’t think about a military base being a “gun free zone.”

But the Marine Corps only just this month changed its rules to allow active “Marine law enforcement personnel” to carry concealed pistols on base when they’re not on duty.

The move was in response to recent shootings on military bases – again, where our brave men and women of the armed forces were basically sitting ducks for any terrorist with an unauthorized weapon.

When I read that news article, it got me to thinking.

In an “active shooter” situation like the one at the air base in Pensacola, if I didn’t have my weapon, what would I have done?

Well, I would have relied on my backup tool – one that was controversial back then, but which I never went without:

The Backup Tool I ALWAYS Carried In The Military

Best Combat Machete Training For Backup Weapons
Best Combat Machete Training For Backup Weapons

Now, obviously, when I served, my primary weapon was my rifle.

I mean, that’s what it’s for.

But in the military, you don’t always have your firearm with you.

It has to be checked in and out of the armory, and it’s only used while on a mission.

There was one tool I always had, though, because it was MINE, and I didn’t have to ask for permission or check it in or out of anywhere.

That was my machete.

I carried that machete all the time, and it was at my side no matter what threat i faced.

More powerful and with longer reach than my issue knife, my machete was basically a short sword that I could use for any fighting or utility task I could throw at it.

Sure, a distance weapon like an M16 is better than a machete (at least in most cases).

A handgun would have been a great backup weapon, too, but I didn’t have one.

And the same is true in ANY crisis for you and me as civilians.

Firearms are complex machines.

They can break when you need them most.

They can run out of ammo… get confiscated… or just jam at a critical moment.

A good machete, however, CAN’T fail like this.

It never needs ammo… it’s simple to operate, with no moving parts… and at extreme close quarters, it gives you the power to take out ANYONE who might be trying to hurt you!

The machete is therefore the ultimate backup weapon…and that’s why it was my constant companion when I served.

I knew that there could be a time where my rifle wouldn’t be there to defend me (tight quarters, malfunction, out of ammo, or even when I didn’t have it on base) and I needed a weapon.

I also practiced with my machete, because I knew that I would need to be trained to use it well when the moment came.

In fact, I believe in the power of this weapon so much, that I developed my own “combat machete” fighting system, borne from the Indian blade-fighting system, Gatka.

(Gatka is the 1- and 2-sword fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors, a group with a long tradition of being true “blade masters”.)

While YOU may not be a soldier, there are plenty of times when you can’t have a firearm but you need a powerful weapon – and that’s why I highly suggest the machete.

You never know – in today’s violent climate – when you and those you love could be trapped in the aftermath of a wide-scale crisis that collapses our infrastructure – such as a nation-wide grid-down “blackout”, political protests-turned-riots, or other threat.

When that happens, you’ll see once-friendly citizens transform into panicked, desperate “refugees”, fighting for scarce resources to feed and protect their own families.

No, this isn’t some “conspiracy theory”.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The question is, will YOU be prepared if this type of emergency hit us at home?

Firearms have their place for personal defense – and I’d never suggest NOT having one as your primary weapon to defend yourself and loved ones from gangs, looters, and angry mobs in the violent aftermath of a disaster or crisis.

But in a real-life threat scenario, anything that can go wrong probably will.

You need a “back-up”… and you need to be TRAINED with it.

I can show you how to master the machete and other survival weapons here

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely, my friend.

Do You Practice With Your Backup Weapons? What Is Your Go-To?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

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