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“Patriots” – Delete This 1 App Now To Defeat Government Cell Phone Spying Ops!

By now, you’ve heard about the massive cell phone spying programs infiltration into our privacy rights by the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, etc.

They’re all on the prowl for what they call “domestic homegrown terrorists”.

I know that sounds like some pretty sinister monsters we’d ALL want to see dead or in “terrorist prison”… until you read the government’s official definition of “who” falls into this category:

2nd Amendment supporters… Conservatives… “preppers“… those who don’t trust the government… even Christians and military vets!

I outline all the dirty secrets of our current “police state” and what patriotic Americans need to do NOW to protect yourself in my “Death Of Freedom” report you can get here for free…

One of the ways these agencies gather intel on you to decide if you’re a potential “enemy of the state” is through agreements with certain websites and phone app developers who share your personal information with the government.

You need to take this seriously and…

Here’s Just 1 “App” You Should Delete From Your Phone Right Now To Help Defeat Government Cell Phone Spying Programs…

Defeat Cell Phone Spying

There are actually multiple ways your phone can be used to spy on you, but there’s one application in particular that has raised a lot of eyebrows… in the process revealing just how much danger your smartphone can be.

That’s Facebook Messenger, an app that Facebook initially forced on its users.

The problem is that Facebook Messenger wants CRAZY access to your phone, including…

It can access your phone’s camera and microphone any time it wants, taking pictures and sending video if that’s what it decides to do.

It can alter your network settings, opening your phone to malicious hacks and malware.

It can access your phone logs, including everyone you’ve called and everyone who has called you.

It can also read your contact data… and it can upload this data to the Web anytime it feels like it in the name of “syncing” your contact data with its database.

It can even send text messages and place calls… all without prompting you to let it!

You can imagine just how all this data about you could be misused by those who want to portray you as an “enemy” – especially since it was reported that Facebook, Google, and other internet chronies have made a deal with the government to share information on their users.

Anyone you talk to… any time you talk to them… could be linked to you in a database… as can THEIR contact data… and so on, forming a web of your “known associates” (like your friend who can’t seem to stop bad-mouthing the President and spouting off about the need for an “armed revolution”?)

Delete this invasive app from your phone now and you’ll be much better off.

But let’s face it, it doesn’t stop there…

Just how much data from your phone do you think the government can get it’s hands on with UNLIMITED access and “spy apps” we download for free?

Look, I know you may feel like “I have nothing to hide.”

Trust me, that’s actually the most DANGEROUS thing you can say right now.

I challenge you to click here and compare yourself to the government’s “Watch List warning signs” I cover in full detail in our free guide…

I know you’ll find that you fit SEVERAL of their definitions they consider potential “enemies of the state”.

Face it… we’re already living in a police state – and the most patriotic Americans are now the target.

We all gotta stick together.

But you gotta take care of yourself first.

Let me show you the 7 steps you need to take right now to protect yourself in “Police State U.S.A.”

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