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MCS Podcast 28: Courtroom Survival With Peyton Quinn

Too often, gun owners get so focused on their marksmanship skills to survive a real gun battle that they neglect the other “battlefield” they must also survive – the courtroom after they were forced to pull the trigger.

Of course the movie that plays in your head always has you positioned as the hero and the “bad guy” gets what’s coming to him… but real life case studies have shown that the legal system can be a real bitch – and not always in your favor.

This week we talk again with Peyton Quinn to reveal the cold, hard truth about the legal mistakes so many armed citizens make that could land you in a prison cell, even if you were legally justified to shoot in self defense.

The Fight After The Fight: Surviving The Courtroom

Concealed Carry Firearms Legal Self Defense

Here’s what’s in store for you in this week’s broadcast…

  • When should you accept a plea bargain offered to you by the DA after a shooting?
  • Why the jury is 50% of your “innocent” verdict… and the rules of jury selection that don’t always fall in your favor.
  • Specific criteria you need to look for when choosing the right lawyer to defend you in a courtroom.
  • Simple “character” mistakes you’re probably making right now that could come back to haunt you if you ever have to face a jury that will decide your fate.
  • How your tactical training can help you (or hurt you) when the DA tries to prove what a “gun nut” you are to a jury. (Some of these common mistakes may be familiar to you.)

The time to understand your legal rights (and responsibilities) for using your gun in self defense ISN’T when you’re facing 20 to life for protecting your family.

It’s right now… and this broadcast promises to be a real eye-opener for you!

What Other Mistakes Do You See Your Fellow Gun-Owners Make That Could Haunt Them In The Courtroom?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…

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