Friday Reload Podcast 003: Week Of 9/1/14

Friday Reload Podcast 003: Week Of 9/1/14

Survival Podcast

This week, Jeff and Buck dig deep into the “militarization” of America with recent news events heating up.

Plus… reader reaction to our new blog (you just can’t please some people, ya know?)

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Check this out…

  • 2 “gas pump hold-ups” that show the difference between packing and being ready… vs. NOT!  (Plus, more concealed carry tips a lot of gun owners don’t think of)
  • Did you know that gun sales in Ferguson, MO shot up during the protests? Let’s chat!
  • Survival guns & ammo!
  • Is the government preparing for a collapse?  Our readers give some scary first-hand stories (including a few police officers chiming in)
  • Plus… Buck’s cooking up some off-the-grid electricity?  It’s in the “Whadaya Know?” segment this week

Go ahead and listen in. What else do you have to do today anyway, right? LOL 🙂

Plus, more horribly witty commentary on this week’s blog posts from Buck & Jeff

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