Friday Reload Podcast 008: Week Of Oct 6, 2014

Friday Reload Podcast 008: Week Of Oct 6, 2014

Survival Podcast

Jeff and Buck solve the world’s problems one crisis at a time.  Well, maybe not… but we dig into at least ONE crisis from the blog this week… bogus survival food info!

Oh the drama!

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Here’s what we have in store for you this week…

  • Do it yourself body armor?  When the zombies come-a-chompin, strap some of these tips on you!
  • Bugout vehicles!  What to stash in your trunk for when it’s time to get out of Dodge!
  • Gunfight training! 10 skills you gotta get OFF the range to train with!
  • Survival food snafus: Are those “freeze dried food kits” KILLING you? (Reality check time!)
  • Plus… a reader tip on gas storage… and MORE)

Go ahead and listen in.

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