Friday Reload Podcast 13: Week Of Nov 10, 2014 - Warrior Life | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat | Tactical Firearms Training | Live Life Like A Warrior

Friday Reload Podcast 13: Week Of Nov 10, 2014


Uh-oh! The MCS Tech Samurai done got the Ebolas!

Are Jeff & Buck worried?

Nah… Google’s got our back!

Listen in to find out how…

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Here’s what we have in store for you this week…

  • The little-known self-defense move that will shatter any dude’s face like a cannonball blast!
  • Yet another really cool “do-it-yourself” project for your survival food storage!
  • Super sneaky gunfighting tricks!
  • Concealed carry weapon technique for when you’re out with your spouse… and get ambushed!

Join the drama and become part of the solution – not the cause!

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