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Friday Reload Podcast 15: Week Of Dec 1, 2014


Jeff & Buck take on the police state all by themselves!

Well, not really… but they sure do have their opinions about all the recent protests and police abuse stories in the news lately… and more importantly… the hidden ways it could actually affect YOU and how you respond to criminals.

Listen in to find out why…

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Here’s what we have in store for you this week…

  • The untold story of Darren Wilson and why media coverage should be your wake-up call to how the public could view you in a self-defense shooting.
  • NYC police over-reach. Are we seeing a new trend?  Or are we just now opening our eyes?
  • No hesitation!  Is today’s cop being hardwired to blast away pregnant moms and innocent kids?

It’s time to wake up… and take action!

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