Funny Gun Quotes Re-Do: My "Gun Nut" Neighbor Actually Listened To Me!

Funny Gun Quotes Re-Do: My “Gun Nut” Neighbor Actually Listened To Me!

I think I’m FINALLY getting through to people…

About a year ago I filmed a video for you, explaining how silly jokes like my neighbor’s “no trespassing” sign could actually hurt you in court if you ever have to defend yourself.

You can watch my video here, but basically, his sign at his front gate said…

“No trespassing. Violators Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again!”

I never told my neighbor about my video, but I think he must have seen it because a few months ago I was out for a morning run and here’s what his sign says NOW…

Funny Gun Quotes - No Trespassing

The smiley face really cracked me up, but I’m just glad to see that he’s taking my message seriously.

You see, while it may seem funny to put up a silly gun quote at your front door (or even on your car or truck’s bumper), ANYTHING you put out there can be used against you in court if you ever have to defend your actions following a shooting.

I’m talking about things like…

  • We Don’t Dial 911door signs
  • A t-shirt with “Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target
  • A bumper sticker with “How Do I Feel About Gun Control? Break Into My House And Find Out!

Anything you post, wear, or stick on your car or truck that has these kind of sayings can make you seem like a “gun nut” in front of a jury deciding on your fate after you’ve shot someone.

Even if it’s in self-defense, the prosecutor will show your shirt, signs and bumper stickers to the courtroom and say that you, “were just WAITING for someone you could shoot”.

Don’t think it could happen?

Then you’re kidding yourself… and potentially putting your life on the line where you could end up behind bars for the rest of your life… never own a gun ever again… and at the very least, but out several thousand dollars in legal expenses trying to prove that “they were all just jokes“.

It’s really not worth it, don’t you agree?

Thankfully my neighbor does and he’s much safer for it.

If you’re not aware of all the little “lawyer tricks” that can be used against you just for defending yourself, then you need to get a free copy of our “Bulletproof Legal Defense” DVD.

Just tell me where to ship your free DVD here…

The DVD can even be admitted as evidence in YOUR DEFENSE to show that you take your legal responsibility seriously and knew what you were doing.

Every gun owner needs to have this DVD – which is why we give it away for free.

I’m dedicated to helping responsible gun owners protect themselves while staying out of jail and spending the rest of your life where you belong – with your family.

Are you as dedicated?

Get your free DVD now and see why there’s a real war on gun-owners… and even better… what you can do about it right now.

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