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Ghost Guns? Third World Soldiers In Fairy Wings Carry THIS Weapon

It seems like every time we turn around, they’re announcing more gun bans and “gun control” on the way.

That includes a ban on “high capacity” mags and “assault weapons.”

Because of that, more and more people are turning to “ghost guns” – guns you can put together legally, with only a few tools, that are completely “off the grid” so they can’t be tracked.

But that raises a really important question, which is, WHICH ghost gun to build?

Most of us aren’t trained gun smiths, and a lot of us aren’t really handy with tools at all…

…So obviously you want to choose the simplest gun possible, right?

Well, that’s where third world soldiers in fairy wings can show us the way.

Why African Soldiers In Weird Costumes Use This “UNSTOPPABLE” Rifle

African Soldiers In Fairy Wings Use This Unstoppable Gun
African Soldiers In Fairy Wings Use This Unstoppable Gun

See, in the worst war-torn areas of nations like Liberia, there is a funny thing the soldiers there do.

They dress up in weird costumes, sometimes cross-dressing as women, wearing wild wigs… and yes, even fairy wings!

The idea is that this “combat witchcraft” will confuse the bullets coming at them, preventing them from getting hit.

Most of these soldiers (some of whom are children) have very little education and almost NO training (which is why they think a bright pink wig can scare away incoming bullets)…

…yet somehow, they keep their guns running!

And that’s because they’re using the simplest, toughest assault rifle imaginable: The AK-47.

The weapon was designed to have as few parts as possible (which is why, for example, the cocking handle is part of the bolt, putting it on the “wrong” side of the rifle).

It also has generous tolerances and a bulletproof gas piston system, so it can be filthy and keep right on sending lead downrange.

But that also means it’s one of the SIMPLEST and EASIEST rifles to BUILD.

If you’re going to get in on the “ghost gun” craze to avoid the new gun bans, then, the gun you build should be this simple, time-tested, reliable weapon.

And you had better do it soon – because they’re talking about closing the “loophole” that makes ghost guns legal, so soon, this information won’t be available.

The process to get your own “ghost AK” is simple and you can get a guide to those simple steps right here.

Just tucking away that information for a rainy day will help… but when you go to actually build your own LEGAL ghost rifle, you’ll be grateful you picked the one that is so dirt simple and tough to boot.

And hey, if you want to add some butterfly wings and a bright blue Halloween wig, I totally get it.

Consider those optional. 😉

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