Will MIT Researchers Be Able To Prevent A Wide-Scale Grid-Down "Blackout Collapse"? Don't Bet On It...

Will MIT Researchers Be Able To Prevent A Wide-Scale Grid-Down “Blackout Collapse”? Don’t Bet On It…

The U.S. government has known it for a long time…

One of the weakest links in our infrastructure is our fragile, out-dated electical grid where a single failure in the system — such as a downed power line or a tripped relay — can cause power outages throughout a neighborhood… a town… or even an entire city.

Even worse, our enemies know of how weak our networks are and this is why former CIA Director, James Woolsey, warned that the one thing that kept him awake at night is a “grid-down blackout” and…

Researchers Are Scrambling To Prevent A Wide-Scale Grid-Down “Blackout Collapse”!

Grid Down Blackout Survival Planning

Now most of the time, a single failure won’t bring down an entire power grid – which is why you may have a blackout in your home but the lights may be on across the street, which may be hooked up to a different segment of the grid.

But not always…

It was our outdated power grid that was pulled offline in 2003 from a single tree branch in Ohio where we saw 50 million citizens of northeast United States and Ontario plunged into darkness – the largest blackout in North American history (so far). 

And again in 2012, India experienced the largest power outage ever, as 700 million people (nearly 10 percent of the world’s population!) went without power as a result of a simple “tripped line relay” failure.

But it’s when you have a PAIR of failures occur at the same time (for example, a downed transmission line, or a generator short-circuit) – that’s when you REALLY begin to see the risk of a wide-scale power grid failure start to climb.

That’s why researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been to try to identify the number (and location) of a power-network’s weakest points – these “pair failures” – that could trigger a grid-down collapse.

So far they’ve only been able to look at the country of Poland’s power grid because they have the most centralized, publically available data.

What they discovered was that, in analyzing the country’s grid of 3,000 components, there were nearly 10 million potential “pair failures”.

Of those 10 million, MIT’s algorithm identified 5,000 that could snowball into a wide-scale catastrophe.

I personally find that pretty scary, don’t you?

Unfortunately, things get more difficult when you try to analyze the United States…

For one, our power-grid isn’t centrally controlled by one entity – it’s made up of independent power businesses and co-ops that don’t typically share data.

And then there’s the vast size…

In just the northeastern U.S., we have more than 100,000 components — up to 5 BILLION potential “pair-failures”!

MIT’s algorithm co-creator, Konstantin Turitsyn, even said, “The number of ways in which a grid can fail is really enormous!”

If the numbers are anything like current experience, that would mean that there are potentially as many as 2.5 MILLION potential “weak spots” that could trigger a wide-scale collapse!

And that’s just the northeastern U.S.!

That means that the entire United States could have as many as 10 MILLION (or more!) grid-down, “blackout triggers” across the country.

Now do you see why the government has been concerned about our out-dated networks that are basically held together with chewing gum, duct tape, and “hope”?

A grid down failure means no water… no food… no fuel for transportation… no sanitation… no telecommunications… no medical supplies… no access to bank accounts…

Yes folks, we’re talking about a real-world “apocalypse” that would throw us back to the Dark Ages (literally).

And you and I both know that 90% of the population will completely freak out once the “system” that they’ve all become dependent upon is pulled out from underneath them.

In fact, former CIA Director Woolsey himself predicted that up to 9 in 10 Americans could be killed if we were to experience a massive grid-down blackout scenario.

Look, my friend…

The Time To Prepare Your Grid-Down Blackout Survival Plan Is NOW!

But the skills and supplies you need for this type of a wide-scale disaster is different than other scenarios you may face – and you have to be “sneaky” about it because you don’t want to become the one-stop shop for all your neighbors to come to for food, water, and necessities when the lights go out, right?

The best plan I’ve seen so far that helps you prepare for this specific threat we face right now is this “grid-down” blackout survival guide here…

It assumes the worst-case scenario – a long-term grid collapse – and shows you how to not only prepare NOW… but also how to survive DURING a wide-scale blackout.

The problem isn’t getting any better so I urge you to not waste time in getting you and your family ready for this threat.

This is one of those dangers that could happen at any time and anywhere – and only the “prepared” will be in the 10% that the CIA Director has predicted will survive.

Which percentage do YOU want to be in?  The 10% who will survive? Or the 90% that will tear each other apart and die?

Yeah, me too.

Take the steps you need to in order to be one of the 10% survivors.

Start planning your “blackout survival” preps here…

And take action now.

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