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Gun Sales Soar In Ferguson, MO! Guess When Is The Worst Time To Buy A Gun. . .

It couldn’t have been said better than the words of a gun shop owner in suburban St. Louis during the Ferguson, MO protests and riots…

“I’m about to fill up the back of my Suburban with a whole bunch of handguns and shotguns. Because of the rioting, everyone’s nervous up here now.”

Since the highly publicized shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the area around Ferguson, MO, has been a nightmare.

Protesters, some of them out of town agitators, have hurled rocks and even firebombs at the cops.

And the police have responded with heavily militarized tactics, including armored vehicles with mounted machineguns.

In response to the dangers of this unrest, unprepared citizens have raced to their local gun shops to stock up, but…

Here Are 5 Reasons Why The WORST Time To Buy A Gun Is WHEN A Crisis Happens…

Ferguson MO Gun Sales Soar

1. Guns? What Guns?

Food isn’t the only thing that flies off the shelves in an emergency!

Would you expect to find a gallon of water at your local grocery when there’s a hurricane on the way?

Likewise, you can’t afford to be shopping for a gun when a widespread collapse, emergency, or civil unrest is already underway.

2. Ammo?  What Ammo?

The only thing that flies off the shelves faster than guns during a crisis is the ammo that feeds them.

Anyone who has a weapon is still a bit jittery from the memories of the giant ammo shortage we’ve suffered lately.

Bullets are like sex… you can never get enough… and when the glow of stores on fire are burning in the distance, you don’t want to be caught without several boxes of rounds.

So even if you’re able to buy a gun, chances are the ammo you need will already be long gone.

3. “Closed Until The Rioting Stops”

Chances are good that local gun stores will close down during unrest, or be closed down by the government.

And don’t forget the popular gun confiscation that looms over us any time an area goes nuts and the authorities clamp down.

If your local shop has inventory, you may not be able to get to it.

4. Will It Work?

Let’s say you do manage to buy a gun and ammo… how do you know it even works?

Widespread riot and looting isn’t a condition that lends itself to you logging some relaxing hours at the range, testing your new gun. 

5. Training? What Training?

If you don’t have a gun in the house yet, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t have a lot of firearms training yet either.

So when are you going to get that training… in the middle of a riot?

And what do you think is going to happen when you pop a cap in a looter during a protest – especially one where the rioters are rioting because of an alleged shooting of an unarmed man?

You’ve now just made your home (and family) a target of opportunity for the rage of those accompanying your “victim” and the fire department probably won’t get there in time to put out the flames engulfing your home.

It’s not smart to rely on a firearm for self-defense if you don’t have the proper training to use it.

Don’t Be A Ferguson, MO Gun Store Flunkee!

If you’re going to build a home defense arsenal, you have to do it NOW, before an emergency occurs.

Don’t wait until the looters are coming down your street.

Start NOW while you have time.

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