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Happy Thanksgiving From MCS

Jeff Anderson

Hi there y’all!

Another Thanksgiving is here and I hope you are enjoying it.

As I enjoy time with my family today, I wanted to just sneak over to my computer…

…and tell you how thankful I am for YOU.

Now, I don’t want to take the focus off celebrating the holiday.

But it’s because I care about you that I to take a moment to warn you about something.

Happy Thanksgiving From MCS!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is “Black Friday,” when a lot of us take to the store and do our shopping.

In the United States, retailers count on the holiday shopping season for most of their profit.

About this time of year, you get the usual safety advice, too, most of it pretty good:

  • Don’t flash your money where people can see it while you’re out shopping.
  • Keep packages in your trunk, not the seat of your car, to lower the chances of a smash-and-grab robbery.

Stay aware and ready when walking to and from your car in the parking lot/parking garage, because carjackers and muggers wait for you to be distracted there.

These tips are fine as far as they go… but I have a better idea:

Don’t go out to shop at all.

There have been a TON of disturbing reports about terrorists and lone nuts targeting the holiday shopping crowds for mass shootings.

I’m not trying to make anybody paranoid, and the chances are on your side that it won’t happen where you are – but whether it’s a coordinated attack or just some crazy person with a gun, you are vulnerable when you’re part of that “target-rich environment.”

Please allow me to suggest that, this year, instead of cramming yourself into a shopping mall and dealing with holiday shopping traffic…

…you just stay home with a drink in your hand, some Christmas music on the Bluetooth speaker, and your card at the ready while you shop online.

It won’t just be safer and more relaxing.

It will also give you more time to enjoy what really matters – your family – while keeping them safe.

(MCS will be running our own special Black Friday sale tomorrow, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post.)

From my family to yours, we’re truly blessed to share our passion, patriotism, and gratitude with like-minded friends like you.

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and some tasty vittles!

Thank you… and God bless you and yours!

How Did You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

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