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The Hidden “Home-Grown Terrorist” Threat Of Orlando Massacre

At 2am Sunday morning, 29 y.o. Omar Mateen carried a Sig Sauer MCX rifle and a pistol into a packed nightclub.

Loaded with ammo and ready to die, he began pulling the trigger – and didn’t stop until 50 innocent civilians were dead and 53 more lay on the floor bleeding.

With 30 more hostages awaiting their fate, a brave SWAT team ended the massacre with a well-executed rescue, killing Mateen.

Pledging allegiance to the terrorist group, ISIS, Mateen will certainly spark further debate about Muslims… terrorism… and gun control.

And that’s where things get tricky for YOU…

The Hidden “Home-Grown Terrorist” Threat Of The Orlando Massacre…

Home Grown Terrorists

First let me say that for radical nut-jobs like Mateen, death is too light of a punishment.

Regardless of your views on the relationship preferences of the victims of this attack, they were sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, human beings.

We ALL need to be vigilant of potential active shooters and terrorists – foreign or domestic – to be the “sheepdogs” many of us see ourselves as.

But even in the very first press conference following Sunday’s shooting, local law enforcement reminded everyone watching to speak up about threats they may notice in order to prevent these types of killings.

The government’s “See Something, Say Something” program is wide-spread and call-in lines are set up in every state to harvest tips on would-be threats.

The FBI, administration, and even local politicians continue to warn us of our country’s #1 violent threat – “homegrown domestic terrorists”.

Makes sense – especially since terrorism experts suspect that there are literally hundreds of potential ISIS sleeper cell gunmen/bombers currently living in the U.S. waiting for their fame in the media and the virgins waiting for them after their death.

But here’s what this means to YOU…

While none of us want terrorists, the mentally ill, or criminals to get their hands on guns, those of us who consider ourselves patriotic, responsible gun-owners are continuously under more and more scrutiny as one of these “terrorists”.

Those aren’t MY words.

Those are from official government reports about WHO they’re afraid of (including Christians, conservatives, military vets, “preppers” and others).

While I’m a firm believer in doing all we can to prevent terrorism, we’re slowly seeing the death of freedom at the same time.

Sure, we all know about the government’s internal “spy program” to try to intercept potential terrorist plots.

But the real dangers are your neighbors and other people close by who – in order to do their good deed – pick up a phone to call an 800 number and let them know that YOU fit the description they were warned about on television.

Even if you don’t go around bragging about the guns you own or how you’re “prepared” for disasters or collapse… there may be little things you do that could be telling others “I could be an enemy of the state”.

I know you don’t think so.

But it’s true.

It could be the way you dress… the things you say… elements of your home… even your vehicle!

You need to face the fact now that there’s a “war on patriots” underway.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that responsible “warriors” like you and me take every precaution to hide your level of readiness in order to protect those you love… 

… and protect your freedom so you can be there when you’re called into action.

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