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A Dirty Trick Used By Old School Hockey Players That Will Help You Win A Real Street Fight

It’s the brutal truth…

…the best self defense moves do NOT come from your typical “martial arts school”.

To survive a violent attack – against some thug twice your size – you need “dirty” street fighting tricks that are frankly too ugly to be taught in a class of 8-year olds orange belts.

You see, most street fights happen in a space the size of a phone booth – where you’re locked up in a “clinch”.

It may be because your attacker has a knife.. a gun.. or is just trying to drag you to the ground so he and his buddies can stomp on you with their size 11 steel-toed boots.

You may only have seconds to gain an offensive position before he either gets in a good shot or his buddies come up to give him a hand. But…

Here’s An Old School Hockey Trick
To Use In A Real Street Fight…

  • When locked up in a real street fight, reach over your attacker’s shoulders with one hand (preferably your non-dominant hand) and grab the back of his shirt as far down toward his waist as you can.
  • Next, simply pull it up and over his head. Once you have it covering his face, twist it around to the side of his neck to wrap it tight around his face. This will give you control over his body because you now have full lateral leverage over his head, and as we know, where the head goes the body will follow!
  • Use your dominant leverage to throw your attacker over a chair or into one of his buddies if you’re fending off multiple attackers in a real fight. But your biggest advantage is that your attacker won’t be able to see anything and this gives you some pretty easy targets to strike.
  • While your attacker is at a disadvantage, use various close quarters combat techniques to strike him (such as elbow strikes, knee strikes, and hammer fist punches) and give you an opportunity to escape the fight.

Look, fighting “fair” doesn’t work on the street.

The gangbanger predators you may face already know that.

That’s why you must know how to REALLY win a street fight no matter how big and tough your attacker may be.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a fair fight is going to get you back home safe to your family.

Get mean… get dirty… survive!

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