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The Science Of “The Invisible Bug-Out Bag”: How To Disappear In Plain Sight In A Crisis

We’ve talked again and again about how critical it is to be ultra-prepared when the country shuts down – but WITHOUT letting anyone around you know that you’re prepared.

If they know you’ve got all that survival gear you’ve been hoarding, you’re basically going to be walking around with a big target on your back, right?

Your goal is to be virtually “invisible” to all around you.

Unfortunately, most survivalists are going to stand out like a sore thumb because they’re following the common “doomsday prepper” approach with a military-style camo bug-out bag backpack.

I can’t stress enough how bad an idea this is – for both day and night evasion. For example, take a hard look at this night photo…

Night Shot: Do You See 2 Bug-Out Bags? Or 3?

How To Build An Invisible Bug-Out Bag

If you’re like most people we’ve tested, you were keen enough to spot the 3 “military backpacks” in the picture… but probably not the 4th one.

That’s because a blue bug-out bag (like the X-BOB we show you in our free survival gear guide.) becomes almost impossible to see in the dark.

Without getting too scientific here, the human eye has 3 kinds of cone receptors, each of which respond to a different range of color.

You only need a little bit of light and you can easily see colors in the red and green spectrum (which includes colors used in common military camo packs).

But in order to see the color blue, your eyes’ cone receptors need a HIGH level of light.


Basically what that means is that the color blue – especially the shade we use in our X-BOB – essentially “disappears” to the human eye in low-light settings.

And it’s just as critical to be “invisible” during the day as well – especially in populated areas.

Let’s imagine for a second that the crisis has struck… everyone’s leaving their homes, trying to get out of town… they’re panicked… hungry… afraid… desperate.

People see a guy with a camo bug-out bag slung over his shoulder and they think, “That guy probably has military experience. He probably knows survival tactics. He’s going to live through this, and my family might die – UNLESS I take what he’s got!”

This is important… A bug-out bag that obviously LOOKS like a “bug-out bag” is a serious danger to you and your family when you’re surrounded by unprepared citizens just trying to survive.

Which is why we made our X-BOB look “recreational” so looking out at a sea of people, yours will just be one more “backpack” and not stand out as some “soldier” who has gear (and weapons?) that you could be targeted for.

No one has to know how prepared you REALLY are.

Follow our “covert” survival gear guidelines… and when the crisis hits – fade away.

What Other Steps Do You Take To Go “Covert” In A Crisis?

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