How To Fight With A Knife: The Stance That Could Get You Killed

How To Fight With A Knife: The Stance That Could Get You Killed

According to the FBI, Knife Crime in the US is growing.

An Annual Crime Report showed 1,694 Murders in one year with knives and cutting objects.

And that’s ONLY counting actual homicides – not attempted murders and injuries!

It’s common knowledge why knives are used so often by criminals to attack their targets…

Knives are easy to conceal…
… easy to find anywhere
… no background check is required
… and they’re dirt-cheap!

Sure, I’m a firm believer in carrying a concealed weapon as a line of defense… but I also believe that you damn well better know how to use a knife in self-defense if you have to.

Frankly, no matter what your skills are, you are NOT fully prepared if you don’t know this.

But even a lot of the so-called “experts” fail to apply common sense to their knife-fighting tactics – even with something as basic as the correct knife-fighting stance…

The Knife Fighting Stance That Could
Get You Killed In A Real Knife Fight

Worst Knife Fighting Stance

Most people train “artsy” and get very fancy and dogmatic about how you should hold the knife.

It looks great in training and competitions, but in those situations they’re not really trying to KILL each other.

For example, take the common knife-fighting stance shown above.

It sure looks cool, but do you see how the primary lethal targets of the wrist and throat are easily exposed for a slash or jab?

Also, the weapon bearing hand has its knuckles exposed for an simple disarming slash

Now take a look at this knife-fighting stance in comparison…

Best Knife Fighting Stance

The chin is slightly tucked to protect the throat.

The knife leads the front at-the-ready and provides a pointed shield.

The other hand is still up for defensive action, but by turning the wrist inward it removes the lethal target of the wrist – so if that hand does get slashed, he’s still in the game.

That hand is also a shield for the throat and face (a slash to the eyes can be devastating as well)

See the difference?

It’s simple knife-fighting tactics like this that can mean the difference between life or death if you’re ever forced to defend yourself with a blade.

Don’t bet your life on fancy moves that will get you killed!

Do You Include “Knife Fighting” In Your Self Defense Training?

Please Share Your Best Training Tips You Have For Our Readers Below…

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