How To Obliterate ANY Attacker - In A Parking Lot... At Work... In Life!

How To Obliterate ANY Attacker – In A Parking Lot… At Work… In Life!

If your attacker weakens your confidence, they weaken your ability to follow-through on your intentions.

That could mean that bully in the parking lot or the co-worker who seems bent on sabotaging your workday.

I call it…

“The Target Obliteration Method” For Destroying Any Attacker

Scott Bolan Self Defense

This “method” is based upon simple principle rather than some magical, monkey death ninja move – but its power is hardly ever realized by the average person.

For example, in street combat… you either want to be miles away, or be “kissing close”.

“Miles away” could mean making a run for it – and if you’re faster than your attacker, you’ve obliterated his plans to victimize you.

But when you’re forced to resort to violence against violence, most people try to play with “ranges” and attack from the outside with long, wild punches or weak kicks.

That only delays the fight and becomes a “boxing match” that gives your attacker a chance to call on his dirty fighting tricks to take you out.

No… YOU want to be “kissing close”!

Your body’s most devastating weapons – head-butts, knees to the groin, elbow smashes to the face and throat – these are the ones you need to be right up in someone’s grill to pull off and destroy the attacker quickly with.

It’s the same in other areas of your life…

Let’s say you’re being held up at work by a co-worker who is procrastinating on getting you information you need.

The more distance you put between you and the cause of your delay, you’ll find you only give strength to even more delays.

Get “kissing close” by…

… making frequent “professional” stops with the co-worker or department head to… um… “check on progress”

… walking by their office numerous times during the day (even if it’s the long way to the restroom)

… offering to bring them back lunch (because you know how busy they are with your project, right?)

Only by being “kissing close”, can you obliterate any attacker.

And as you can see, mastering “combat” is more than just kneeing someone in the groin (note – a knee to the groin is NOT a good motivator factor at work).

What Have You Found To Be Your Most Devastating Close-Quarters Combat Move?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

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